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I Haz the Vapors - Media Reporting Scott Walker Lies

Keep your eye on the man behind the curtain

Call The Pope - it's a miracle. Media has finally .

When White House hopeful Scott Walker talks to potential voters, he hawks himself as a leader who tells people what he will do and then does it.

But the line has a snag. As a candidate for governor, Walker didn't spell out or even mention some of the measures that would become key achievements in office.

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Finally! I've pointed this out every time Walkers actions conflict with what he's said or campaigned on. And now, after media spent such a vital role in endorsing him, stenographing Walkers talking points and beating up on his opposition, ensuring he "won 3 elections in 4 years", they've finally noticed that he doesn't do what he says he's going to do.

His 2010 promise to be "lazer focused on creating 250,000 jobs" was literally the only thing he promised. All his ads, campaign speeches featured that promise exclusively.

What did he do? He took away collective bargaining rights from every public employee in the state (except those unions that endorsed him), defunded Planned Parenthood, mandated women wanting to terminate a pregnancy have an invasive and unnecessary ultrasound (making services even more expensive), forced women wanting medication induced pregnancy termination to have an unnecessary doctors office visit for each dose of medication rather than use the already safe video conference, impoverished cities by slashing state shared revenue and prohibiting them from raising taxes to maintain service levels, took nearly $2 billion from our public schools, threw 80,000 Wisconsinites off Medicaid by reducing eligibility from 130% of poverty level to 100%, rammed through voter suppression measures and secretly drawn gerrymandering the entire state to ensure 1 Party Rule into eternity, and so much more - all bad things.

Some "lazer focus on jobs", huh?

Even back then, Wisconsin media didn't notice that the things Walker was doing had no effect of jobs. They just kept on 'splaining away how Walker was working on his promise. Any day now those jobs will just magically appear and we will be saved! And they 'splained away our diminishing wages and economy. Any day, now, Walker will save us. Right??? Right??????

Ditto his 2014 campaign where he called abortion restrictions and Right to Work Mooch Laws something that didn't interest him. Well, toss that right under the bus as soon as the campaign is over. He's NOW all too pleased to sign both of them the minute Republicans finish ramming the bills through the Legislature they rule with an iron fist.