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I get on some weird lists

I used to be a school teacher.

I currently don’t have a job.

I think I once in my life have ever made a single political contribution over $100, and that was for an event with Howard Dean.

Yet somehow I get invited to all kinds of events for Hillary Clinton.

Now, before I illustrate with the contents of an email just received, I recognize the need to raise a lot of money, and that much of the money being raised could be going to the DNC or to state and local parties through sharing agreements.

Still, it bothers me that so much of this still goes on, even though I am a strong and committed supporter of Clinton, and voted for her on the first day of in-person absentee voting in Virginia.

So take a look, I will omit the contact information for info or how to RSVP, although if you are really interested I suspect if you go to the campaign website to get it.  If you can afford it.

And note how on the “low dollar” level (which could be as much as $2500) it sometimes say “Limited Availability”

And remember, these are events just in and around Washington DC.