I admire " I have a Dream Speech"..I won't say I wrote it. | THE POLITICUS

I admire " I have a Dream Speech"..I won't say I wrote it.

The excuse being given regarding Speechgate is just mind blowing.   These Trump people do not take this run seriously at all.   The Trump supporters are mindless IMO wandering around with invisible sheets and eyes close to all reality.  

On Tuesday, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, insisted to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the line-for-line similarities between Melania and Michelle’s speeches wasn’t an instance of cribbing at all: She simply used “common words”…that just so happened to have been spoken in the exact same order by someone else, years before.

I love the “ I have a Dream Speech” by Dr. King.   I would never ever claim I wrote such words.  I admire many speeches, including First Lady Michelle’s 2008 speech.  The laziness of not checking and running a campaign with this in your face lack of accountability or intellect is beyond mind blowing.  

They double down on their grifting ways and lies and rhetoric.  Can you imagine a country run by this bunch  when accountability or tact comes into play?  NO HONOR.   These people possess no class and no honor.   Don’t tell me to take it easy on Melania Trump.  She is just like him.   She won’t admit stealing the words Michelle Obama spoke with such passion in 2008.  She walked out there and tried to make people believe she spent time on a speech she would deliver and even claim she wrote.   They believe superficial is so good that no one would notice….the speech.  

Maybe I shall deliver the “ I have a Dream Speech” mixed with the Gettysburg Address and claim I wrote it.   Do you think anyone would mind?   I do so hope Saturday Night Live does do that !!!!  

I thought I disliked that woman before this but last night took the cake.