Hurricane Irma Is Ripping Into Florida, So Don Trump Jr. Yells At Berkeley For Being Too Liberal | THE POLITICUS

Hurricane Irma Is Ripping Into Florida, So Don Trump Jr. Yells At Berkeley For Being Too Liberal

UC Berkeley has been the focal point of a lot of political activity—specifically, protests and counter-protests—in recent months. Now, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, who was an editor for Breitbart News before he found a very small piece of his conscience, is slated to speak there on Sept 14. Berkeley is ramping up security ahead of time to help quell any violence that may spring up, and Don Trump Jr. decided to take them to task for it on Twitter instead of trying to make his father look good by disseminating information—like rescue info for Irma—on Twitter:

Sure, Junior Trump has a few retweets about Irma, but not really what you’d think the son of the president would be tweeting right now, given the current disaster situations in Irma’s path and in Texas.

Berkeley is preparing for Shapiro’s speech with a closed perimeter around the building in which he’s speaking, and an increased and highly visible police presence. Buildings surrounding that one will be closed, and people must show their tickets to get through security to watch the speech. :

We are deeply concerned about the impact some speakers may have on individuals’ sense of safety and belonging. No one should be made to feel threatened or harassed simply because of who they are or for what they believe.”

In addition to the Junior Orange, various conservative websites are throwing a livid fit, including The Daily Wire, where Ben Shapiro now works as editor-in-chief.

This backlash is absolutely ridiculous – one would think that conservatives would want this kind of a security presence since they’re dead sure that all the violence comes from Antifa. It’d stop the Antifa protesters from harassing and harming their poor, widdle innocent people and allow their totally, not-at-all violent people to attend the speech in peace.

To all Trumps: You have bigger things to worry about than security for a speech at UC Berkeley. Stop being ridiculous.

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