H.R. 2250 - There's Plenty Not To Like

H.R. 2250 - There's Plenty Not To Like

You sir and your merry henchmen have made a mockery out of Democracy.

Holding the line on out of Control Spending? What in the hell are you talking about Speaker John Boehner? Your witch hunts and worthless hearings on all things considered "BS" have wasted $782 million dollars.

Boosting accountability of how taxpayer money is spent - When do you come close to doing that? It certainly wasn't doing the Iraq war when America rang up a $3 trillion dollar deficit. It certainly wasn't when you gave the rich and corporations tax loopholes big enough to sail the Titanic through. And, it certainly wasn't when you wasted money building planes that don't fly or buildings that the Pentagon never requested. Let's not talk about the $39 billion given to Cheney's operation for Halliburton's no bid contracts.

The American people have afforded you a life style 10 times better than their own. We pay each of you a 6 figure income, give each of you 18 employees, set up your offices in Washington and your home state with furnishings fit for a king.

What do we get in return? Nothing. The last 2 years you scheduled yourselves to work 97 - 126 days out of the year. When you do return to Washington to take care of the people's business, you spend that time talking and dining with lobbyist who provide you with ALEC written bills that you present on the floor errors and all. Your staff, what are they doing since you obviously don't draft any legislation?

You pack of psychopaths are running our country into the ground. You got more money than you'll be able to spend in a lifetime and your acquired power is taking this country in the wrong direction - The Haves and the Have Nots.