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How We Helped Create the Mess we are in by Doing Nothing Or Too Little too Late.

Tea Party

This may turn out to be a meta diary.   I hope not.  I call things  as I see them and I see things as I am about to outline.   

We got a screwed up life or death election this time around.   I asked myself, how did we get here?

How in the world did The Tea Party, the racists, the bigots. the crazies get so popular?   How did Cruz get where he is?  How did a monster like Trump become a frontrunner?    Why were they not staying in the shadows where they had been for decades.   Yes we knew they were there but none dared to come out of the shadows. Ahhhh then I started remembering. 

The very first State of the Union address when Joe “ You Lie” yelled out to the President of the United States.   That congress, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker did not bring action of any sort and do not know if she was able to, but if it is in the rules, it should have been dealt with.  Oh and did the media stand up to that pip squeak Child support dodging freak when he disrespected the people’s house and a duly elected president and Commander in Chief in a time of war?    I then recalled the little meeting that was held  by republicans the very night the president was inaugurated and no one paid those slimey republicans any mind.  I then turned my thoughts to the year 2009 and 2010. 

In 2010,  The President went on vacation and  had every right to but it was an election year and there was trouble brewing with the likes of Bachman, and the others hanging out with people who were screaming about the President being from Kenya.  She was making the rounds not just on Fox but MSNBC as well talking trash against the President.

 Earlier, we  had heros like John Lewis spit upon as he walked to the capitol.  All of this commotion supposingly over wanting to insure our people.  This was  not legislation  to put the country in  harm’s way, like the Bush bunch, but to take care of our people.     We then had cross hairs being drawn by grifters such as Palin and a brave congresswoman Gabby  Giffords , and other innocents shot down in the street. The Tea party was coming into power.   It was an election year and no one was standing up to the likes of

the Bachman’s, the Palins, and soon the crazies won a lot in November 2010.  What was it the President said, “ We took a shellacking”.   That was surely putting it midly now as we face the ruination of this country.  WE DID NOT FORCE OUR LEADERS TO HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.    People say, “ Well you can’t suppress the 1st Amendment rights”.   At some point those rights were violated with , “ We came armed this time”.   This went beyond rallies to outright inciting riots and hate speech.”  We had a black president who did not want to be perceived as an angry black man.  BEFORE we had a Republican full of Tea Party Caucaus. We had a democratic congress who should have been standing and making speech after speech and round after round on talk shows saying this type of hate and bigotry could not be tolerated.  The president was hostage in his own party in my opinion with little backing.  WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THEIR FACE CALLING THEM OUT...ONE BY ONE. NOT TYPING ON THE INTERNET BUT CALLING THEM OUT  in their space..

I am white and ashamed.   I am ashamed that some of we white folks owe our first African American President an apology for not standing up to these people every time they gathered and I am not talking 100..but as many if not more than they had showing in opposition.   Had these people met with opposition at every single event, cowards as they are would not have been so all gung ho into having these hate fests, They just assumed we were weak and cowardly and they were all Donald Trumps.  All Bully and we did not think they were going mainstream but were a few misguided ignorant MORANS. (delibertately misspelled)?  We were wrong about them not going mainstream.   We were wrong about a lot but we were nor are we cowards to these loudmouths,

Who were those secret service agents who did not do their jobs when two reality show actors strolled in the whitehouse without clearance.  I have been to these type of things and that does not JUST happen.  What ever happened to that situation anyway?  What about the security breaches when people of unethical purpose got over the fence at the White house? What happened to that situation?   What about the secret service and OUR resources of tax dollars being spent with racists and hater and more haters having to talk to Secret Service after replicas of the president found hanging in yards and threats galore?

  Why have we not heard of any accountability of these actions from shutting down the government with Green Eggs and Ham and calls for repeal , repeal many time of the ACA?   Where were OUR strong leaders to call out these people and stand strong against the harm they were bringing?   Where were we for that matter clammering for some sort of accountability?  Why were we not standing toe to toe with the people demanding to Take back their country.  Counter punching their rhetoric.  A few of us were, but not enough.

There was unrest in the Bush residency, and I cannot say presidency but if you think you could pull that kind of crap under Bush ask any Dixie Chick or Dixie Chick fan what just a little of this would buy you….IN A TIME OF WAR.  What was disrespect to elected congressmembers, policy and obstruction if done under a Bush presidency..I shudder to think...

Goofy as he was, he absolutely would not  try to reach across party lines.  He would not even give poor Helen a seat up front during press conferences.    Hell, the democratic congress members had the capitol police called on them for trying to attend their own committe meeting.  France was made fun of and we were instructed to call French fries, Freedom Fries.   Of course the bigots and haters had no problem with Bush but we sure did and after that YOU LIE statement, every democrat should have known we were going to have to stand up to the nuts with their rhetoric and red meat. We should have stood face to face, toe to toe  with them when they were the Fringe.  Now we have to stand up to them as the majority and mainstream.  They took us back to unrest and we should NEVER have allowed that to happen.  

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke




We had Occupy Wall Street.  Well, we know the militarization of the police not called out soon enough for bad behavior did nothing to the Tea partiers.   They only beat and picked on the Occupiers.    The militas and tea party folks  had guns for God’s sake.  Occupiers did not.    I feel the President should have cut the vacation short...shored up a strategy war room of political punch and used the bully pulpit to say, “Enough”.   Holder should have been dismissed long before he left and people should have been charged if nothing else regarding Congressman Lewis , with assault.  People in congress should have been dealt with  for their psycho behavior, if they were elected as representatives of the people.    I do not know exactly how...but the tea party and bigots were not identified for what they were...Haters of America.


I think this is exactly how we got the insane trying to run the Asylum.   We , the ethical people during a time of war, and  our dem leaders including the president should have stepped up and stopped the conspiracy crap.although I really do not know what thepresident could have done other than not try to compromise with them after their hatred display. He should..not have invited the likes of Donald Trump to a Correspondence dinner and shunned this behavior of his’s instead of making jokes.   We voted for representation and I don’t know about you but I feel we have not been represented in ways I am proud of.   Insane.. The man who shut down the government help break the law over the National Mall closing DUE TO THE SHUTDOWN.  INSANITY !!!!

If you get mad because I wrote this diary..  oh well…  I don’t know who precisely to blame but there is enough blame to go around and  someone should have been held accountable for hate and fearmongering  a long long time ago.   Now it is a race  to avoid becoming A New America.  I am not talking A Revolution in real terms… but I am saying the haters should have never gotten control of the narrative NOR  giving safe haven to what I deem as domestic terrorism.  Look at that Bundy bunch...That should never have gone on as long as it did.  What is counted as without incident?  It cost plenty and should have  been stopped as soon as they took over.

We hold a little responsibility for allowing the fox in the henhouse.  I do believe that.