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How soon have we forgot the years 2001-2009?

Another year leading to Presidential fear?

How soon have we forgot the years 2001-2009?

We, as Americans I am mystified at our collective amnesia. We have forgotten the years that 2001-2009 gave us. We have a President that has done more to try and correct the past mistakes, and yet we try to find fault with this President, who was overwhelmingly voted in, not by the supreme court nor by a close margin. But due to the sins of the past administration. President Obama inherited two wars, financial crisis, unemployment increase, housing market implosion and war debt, money that went (billions) unaccounted for. Terrible international relations a rise in U.S. resentment and Islamaphobia. Going to a country to engage in a war with a country who had nothing to do with 9/11, Which was nothing more than profiteering for Halliburton. Chicken Hawks who hadn't a problem with sending everyone but their sons and daughters off to war. We inherited Guantanamo Bay and that I want to see the President keep that promise, or make a way that this can happen. It's one of the biggest scars on American democracy. The housing market collapsed, it was a fiscal disaster. 

Fast forward to now, our President has been the most disrespected President by the GOP to have ever served office. I may have disliked President Bush immensely but I still respected his office, and he was our President. Even though I feel Cheney was at the helm, Americans could not wait to get rid of him and who did we get to choose from on the other side of the aisle? Sarah Palin, and Senator John McCain. Is there no question as to why they lost? 

Here we are in 2016, and the opposition is Donald Trump. But he tells it as it is and as we wait for the wonderful, spectacular things that are to unfold, and he insults, denigrates and insults our intelligence and flagrantly male chauvinistic bigot, it's appalling! We are not only going backwards; but we are also gassed up, well a certain sector for doom. At first, it was comical, oh the guy who went to war with Rosie O'Donnell, a bully that made a mockery of the Presidency the last time. This time, he insults which was hilarious Fox News and Megyn Kelly. I must say  I also am no fan of hers, but it wreaked of misogyny.  The insults hurled at her. He insults the looks of Fiero, speaks nonsense about Clinton and using the restroom for goodness sakes; These are childish playground antics, and we don't think the world is watching us again?  By the way,  I am no fan to Fox but he intimidates them and somehow he became a hero for the wrong reasons to some Democratic voters because he doesn't like Fox. Really? I don't find him or the state of our voting nation comical any longer. The haters who were with us before have found their lungs again and I have to tell you it's a nightmare.

I will end by saying that yes this President kept us safe; we didn't get attacked under President Obama but we did under President Bush. We are still paying for a debt that was incurred by President Bush and Cheney or as some will say the actual President. After all the orders from 9/11, all the orders came from VP Cheney. The vitriol that is an after effect of the Patriot Act still is with us now. The residual of the last administration is being stoked now in fear. Give us a real choice for President, it's not about quantity, give us quality. It's not about party affiliation. Say, if Sanders does not win we will sit it out so Hillary doesn't win is ridiculous?  I smell something being trumped up in the GOP to insult again our intelligence, divide and conquer for the obvious reasons.  Is America running a high temperature we are going into feverish times again?  I don't want a President, who promises to get rid of the Internet. I want the Internet around to remind me of why we voted in large numbers for President Obama. Yes, twice.