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How Do We End Election Year Politics?

When one says election year politics, it doesn’t particularly mean that it’s because it is the year of an election, at least not anymore. The truth is elected officeholders begin election year type of politics as soon as an election is over with. The reason being, they need to raise campaign money for the next election as it’s what makes it possible for them to compete once the next election comes, though it is in two years or four years.

The biggest problem we have with our election process is the need for politicians to raise oodles of money to run for office. They also need to become whatever those with the most money want them to be. For Republicans; they need to show how conservative they are, if they’re Democrats; they need to show how progressive or liberal they are.

Most of the time for both Republicans and Democrats, they will need to vote and support legislation that benefits the wealthy because they have powerful lobbyist who have the most money to throw at them. If we ever want a country that listens to its people, then we need to rid the nation of the influence that these lobbyist have over our government.

Many conservatives, especially Tea Party activist, believe that it’s government that’s corrupted. That’s true; government is corrupted. But to only attack government is like only attacking the symptoms of a disease and not attacking the cause of the disease. The disease is powerful and wealthy interests behind our government that’s using their vast amounts of wealth to control government.

While we protest government corruption and insist that our government officials change and begin to listen to the People of this nation, they’re doing what they can to make sure they get elected the next election by playing up to those who have the money to make the difference so that they can compete against their opponents in the next race. They’re not working to take care of the needs of the People and doing the People’s business; they’re taking care of the wealthy and doing the wealthy and Big Corporation’s business instead. They only give us; the People, lip service so that we’ll vote for them next time.

As I’ve advocated many times before, taking money out of the equation is the only way to insure our elected officials do what is best for the country, otherwise they’ll always do what they have to do and that is raise tons of cash to be reelected.

We must ask ourselves this; do we want our government elected members to spend their time trying to find ways to raise money by playing favorites to wealthy interests? Or would we rather have a government that works for the People from the time they step into office and until they step down and allow someone else to take their place? We pay through our tax dollars, excellent salaries to our elected government yet that amount doesn’t cover the cost of an expensive campaign and that’s the only way they can expect to get reelected.

I would suggest a new way to rid ourselves of election year politics; let’s end the current privately-funded campaign system and replace it with an entirely publicly-funded campaign system.  We can do that by a designing a system that anyone interested in running for office will need to go to the People and get a petition signed by enough voters for the office they’re running for.  With enough signatures on a petition, let our tax dollars fund campaigns.

Along with that, let’s make private contributions entirely illegal and by law, considered a bribe and punishable by imprisonment.  If wealthy interest wants to hire lobbyist to go to Washington and speak on their behalf; they can, the same as anyone can go to Washington or write a letter to a congressman on our own behalf.

Level the playing field so that we all have as much influence over our elected officials as the wealthiest and the most powerful lobbyist. End this never-ending need to raise cash for our members of Congress and any other branch of government. Then and only then will we have a government of the People.

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