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House Lawmaker Predicts GOP Will Lose The 2018 Midterms; Trump Is Screwed

It hasn’t even been a week and already a little of the shine has worn off the big wins last Tuesday in elections across the country. But one prominent Democrat, Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, says it may not be time to put those party hats away and clean up the confetti just yet.

There are plenty of people who tried to paint the Virginia election itself — in which the president’s preferred candidate got trounced by the highest margin anyone’s seen in years in the state — as something specific to an already “Blue” state. But the series of very real, very serious rebukes to not just specific candidates but whole ideologies makes it a different election than pundits were making it out to be altogether.

And Ellison says it’s just the start.

In morning by The Atlantic, Ellison called it a “foreshadowing of good things to come.” Many don’t realize it, but the marquee “off-year” races — that is to say, between a presidential election year and a midterm year — that pundits and forecasters all pay attention to were all decided last Tuesday: The Virginia Governorship, the New Jersey Governorship, and the NYC Mayoral race.

It’s been twenty-eight years since all three went to a Democrat.

Add that fact to the sense of justice behind a transgender woman beating the incumbent who wrote the bill that would have forced her to use the wrong bathroom, and you’ve got what is beginning to look like a major comeback for the party of equal rights, labor, wages, healthcare, and everything else Republicans don’t care about doing anything but taking away.

In fact, what it looks like is that it’s safe to simply call Democrats the party of “Not Trump.”

Ellison is even optimistic about traditionally “Red” states like Alabama, where between the Republican and the Democrat in the special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate:

I believe there are enough Alabamians who need a better economic future to elect Doug Jones. The question is will we reach them in time for the election.”

Ironically, the man who Ellison wants to see defeated in Alabama, noted child molester Roy Moore, doesn’t think the Minnesota Democrat should even be allowed to serve in Congress because he’s a Muslim.

At this point, I don’t think Rep Ellison cares.

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