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House Intel Dem Has Seen Enough: Trump Associates Will Go To Jail Over Russia Scandal (VIDEO)

While Donald Trump is trying to deflect from his Russia scandal, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, had something very interesting to say on Tuesday to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Castro said that “people will probably go to jail” in light of the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Castro said there were likely be more than one person jailed following the probe, and among those, would be associates of Donald Trump’s.

“Have you seen any hard evidence of collusion yet?” Blitzer asked Castro, according to .

“I guess I would say this, that my impression is I wouldn’t be surprised after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail,” Castro said.

“And how high does that go in your suspicion?” Blitzer asked.

“Well, that’s yet to be determined,” Castro replied.

“But you think some people are going to wind up in jail, not just one individual, but people, plural, is that what you’re saying?” Blitzer pressed on.

“That’s my impression,” Castro said. “Yes.”

Blitzer asked Castro to elaborate but he said that he couldn’t at this time.

“But at this point, you’re confident that at least some Trump associates will end up in jail,” Blitzer said.

“If I was betting, I would say yes,” Castro replied.

“Including some who are working in the new administration or people who worked or advised the President during the campaign and maybe during the transition?” Blitzer asked.

“As you can imagine, Wolf, I’ll have to comment on that later,” Castro replied. “But again, if somebody asked me my impression, my impression is that people will probably be charged and I think people will probably go to jail.”


Because there are so many associates of Trump’s who have ties to Russia it’s difficult to guess which ones Castro is talking about. Last week, Michael Flynn told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution.

Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to Trump, in 2013. Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Paul Manafort and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, all have times to Russia.

Trump likes to say that he’s going to put ‘America first,’ which is a pretty strange slogan for a man who isn’t concerned that a hostile foreign government has interfered with our country’s election process.

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