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Homeless Man Asks ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ To Move Her Porsche, So She Shoots Him

The NRA tells us incessantly that the mere fact that someone has a gun makes them a superhero ready to leap into action whenever and wherever danger threatens. The reality, however, is that guns make it a lot easier to respond to what one considers minor annoyances — like the “less privileged” talking to you in the case of a Tennessee woman — with lethal force.

54-year-old homeless man Gerald Melton approached 26-year-old Katie Quackenbush and asked her to move her Porsche because the exhaust fumes and loud music were making it difficult for him to sleep, according to

Metro police detectives say that Melton was “trying to sleep on the sidewalk” around 3 a.m. near 901 19th Ave. South near Music Row when he “became disturbed by exhaust fumes and loud music coming from a Porsche SUV,” according to a news release.

Melton reportedly asked Quackenbush, the driver of the Porsche, to move the vehicle. The two then began yelling at each other.

It’s the yelling that the Right will use to justify this shooting, but the Tennessean notes that Melton “walked back to where he had been trying to sleep.” It was only then that Quackenbush exited her vehicle with gun drawn and fired two shots, wounding Melton in the abdomen. Then she fled the scene.

Her father and lawyer Jesse Quackenbush says that Melton threatened to kill her despite a lack of evidence that this actually happened, and that she wasn’t trying to kill him. She is just the sort of highly-trained gun-toting hero who closes her eyes as she wildly fires her weapon in response to even the most minor situations:

An attorney in Texas, Jesse said his daughter and her friend were being accosted by Melton, whom he alleged approached the Porsche as the women sat inside, threatening to kill them and making explicit and sexist remarks at Quackenbush.

“She didn’t try and kill this guy,” Jesse Quackenbush said Monday night, a few hours after his daughter was arrested on the charge. “She had no intention of killing him. She didn’t know that she hit him.”

“She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him,” the elder Quackenbush says.

Gun owners are traditionally advised to keep their eyes on their target while firing.

Quackenbush is scheduled to appear in court on October 6, when she will likely receive either a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all because that’s how things work in America.

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