Holy Sh*t! McMaster Just Dropped A Massive BOMBSHELL In Bonkers Press Conference (VIDEO) | THE POLITICUS

Holy Sh*t! McMaster Just Dropped A Massive BOMBSHELL In Bonkers Press Conference (VIDEO)

Finding out that Donald Trump casually shared classified information with the Russians was bad enough. But National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster just revealed that the true nature of this situation is much worse than we even thought it was.

McMaster started out by insisting that the real problem here isn’t that Trump gave away top secret info to Russia. Oh no! The real problem here is that the press found out about it. Naturally. Over and over he claimed that the sharing of this information was “wholly appropriate.”

But McMaster also said that Trump shared this information on a whim while trying to show off in front of the Russians. Trump didn’t consult with his advisors about it, he just decided to spout it out on the spur of the moment so he could make his hands look a little bigger.

McMaster argued that the president has the right to declassify any information he wants, but that isn’t what happened here. There was no “decision” to declassify anything. Trump just spit it out without any forethought whatsoever so he could look important for the Russians.

Think you’ve heard the worst of it? Nope. Far from it. McMaster ended his press conference by revealing that Trump actually had no idea what the f*ck he was even talking about. He didn’t know that this information was top secret and wasn’t really ours to share because he hadn’t even been briefed on it.

Read that again and let that sink in for a minute. The president just gave out information so classified that top U.S. officials and our allies weren’t even allowed to know about it. Information that was given to us by another country. And he hadn’t even been briefed on it.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this point. After all, Trump doesn’t bother to get daily intel briefings because he thinks they’re boring. But it is still downright terrifying. This man is not fit for office and must be impeached. Now.

You can watch McMaster’s bonkers press conference here:

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