The right wing politicians that currently liter the halls of congress are always surprising me. Whenever I come to the conclusion that they couldn't sink any further into the depths of the ideological sewer that they already have, they cheerfully lower the bar even further just for my benefit. Isn't that nice of them? Their current healthcare bill - which I don't think is going to pass, by the way - is nothing less than a scheme to be rid of Medicare and to provide a tax break for a class of people whom already possess more cash than they'll be able to possibly spend in three lifetimes. Most of them profess to be good and decent Christians, but I'm not buying that for a minute. In fact I think that most of them are atheists. It's obvious to me that not one of them have a fear of eternal damnation.
Which brings me to the subject of Mitch McConnell. Being a descendant of generations of Kentuckians, it floors me to even consider the fact that so many of them are as warped as they are when it comes to the subject of civic rationality. Why they would continue to send to Washington a corrupt and hideous twit like old Mitch every six years is something I have yet to rationally figure out. I've visited Kentucky many times over the course of my life and most of the people I encountered seemed to be real nice folks - Yes sir! - Fine, upstandin' Americans! But, EEK GADS! - A lot of them seem to be too heartbreakingly dumb to be left alone with pencils and other sharp objects.
It's a hell-of-a-lot more politically expedient to be against "Obamacare" then it is to be against "Affordable Care" (which is its real name, just in case it's slipped your mind). The Conservatives  won't call it by its proper name because to do so would expose their cruelty and greed. If they have their way, many innocent men, women and little children are going to die. If they have their way, the grief and despair of the survivors will be a million-fold.
"Blessed are the merciful
For they shall obtain mercy."
Jesus of Nazareth
The Progressives in Idiot Nation have been trying to achieve national health insurance for the American people since Theodore Roosevelt's campaign of 1912. The British have had it for over seventy years! Not long ago, I signed up for Affordable Care (which I can barely afford). If these contemptible knuckleheads have their way, and I become seriously ill in the next five or six years (which is pretty bloody likely) I'm going to die. It's as simple as that, baby! NO MORE RANT! When you go to the polls at the mid-term elections next year, all you need to do is ask yourself just one, basic question:
"What would Tom Degan do?
It really isn't that difficult, kids!
My brother, Jeff Degan, has been living in Europe for the past quarter century. Way back in August of 2009 he used this site to write an open letter to his fellow Americans. I really need to republish it. It's a beaut:

"As an American who has been living in Europe for most of the last 20 years, one who has visited doctors numerous times in four different countries, whose two children were brought into this world in European hospitals (France and England), who has himself spent a week in a public British hospital, and who underwent an operation in a private British clinic, I think I can say a thing or two about health care in Europe.

"Our out of pocket expenses for the births? Zero. Even though in France my wife spent 5 days in the hospital after the birth of our first daughter, which is standard by the way.
"During the three years we lived in England, we never once paid for medicine for our children. Children get drugs for free in the UK. Visits to the GP are free for everybody.
"My expenses for the week in the NHS hospital? Zero.
"The cost of the operation in the private clinic? Zero, it was covered by my work insurance, as was the post-op physical therapy I needed.
"In Western Europe you would never be forced to sell your home in order to pay for your medical bills, as happens all too often in America when catastrophic illness strikes and the insurance company decides that your condition was 'pre-existing'.
"The quality of the care? Mostly good. French hospitals are excellent, even the food is decent. The food at the NHS hospital was beyond awful, but then again most English food is pretty bad (though they do have great Indian food). At night, they were understaffed, but I am guessing that, apart from that place where Dr. House works, most American hospitals are understaffed at night, too.
"In short, in the US, you pay more, get less, and die younger than we do in Europe. What part of that don't you understand?

"My fellow Americans, you have nothing to fear except those who would use fear to keep you enslaved to the myth of the might of the American health care system."
Jeff Degan

I know what you're thinking and you're right: The guy is a Communist-waiting-to-happen. Not only does he live in France, he actually likes it there! An eternal shame to the good name of the Degan family (or as it's pronounced over there: "Day-gaw"). But seriously, it cannot be denied that he makes an excellent point. As he says, "What part of that don't you understand? And to imply that the quality of the care across the pond is far inferior to ours doesn't pass the stinky test. It that were truly the case, please explain to me why the infant mortality rate over there is so much more in compliance with your average industrialized nation than it is over here? Think about it for a minute.

They're not concerned with your well being; nor are they concerned with the well being of your children and your loved ones. They have spend the last eighty-four years trying to do away with the gains made by progressives: Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, I could go on.

Keep voting with the Conservatives.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


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