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Hell Rains Down On Trump After He Claims To Be Getting Things Done At ‘Record’ Pace

Despite having ZERO legislative accomplishments and spending most of his time on vacation or playing golf, Donald Trump bragged about his administration.

In his latest series of toilet tweets, Trump gushed about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and claimed that his administration is getting things done at a “record clip.”

Except that Trump has not gotten much of anything done at all and most of his decisions have set America back.

The biggest fact is that Trump has not signed a single major piece of legislation, something that just about every president has done within their first 100 days.

Trump is over 200 days in and has nothing but failure to show for it.

Trump has signed a bunch of executive orders rolling back important rules and regulations that helped the American people such as environmental rules and disaster relief protections.

Trump has also provoked a nuclear showdown with North Korea, increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, insulted our allies, and was slow to react to Hurricane Harvey. In addition, Trump has spent a lot of time on vacation or golfing while blowing tax dollars so fast that the Secret Service can’t afford to pay their agents.

The reality is that Trump has been a disastrous president and Americans were quick to call him out on Twitter.

Donald Trump is a loser and the only accomplishment Americans want from him is his resignation or impeachment.

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