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‘He Keeps Running His Mouth’: Trump Officials Say The ‘Moron’ Needs A ‘Frontal Lobotomy’

After yet another scandal-plagued day, Donald Trump took off overseas with family members, including Jared Kushner, his son-in-law. We’re pretty sure that Trump is giving Jared the stink eye right now during their long flight after it’s been revealed that . Also, while on the flight, that Trump told Russian officials during a meeting last week that former FBI Director James Comey is a “nut job,” then he bragged that terminating him from the bureau would ease the pressure from the Russia investigation. The White House confirmed that Trump made those remarks.

You have to feel sorry (no, you don’t) for Trump’s staffers right now as they were left behind to answer for the amateur president’s idiocy. Administration officials and aides dodged questions.

The Daily Beast :

I’m glad I’m not on the plane so I could be here to answer your Russia questions,” a senior Trump administration official said, sarcastically, before abruptly hanging up.

Trump’s remarks quickly elicited groans, and some harsh words, from senior officials who did speak with The Daily Beast.

“If Donald Trump gets impeached, he will have one person to blame: Donald Trump,” one of those administration officials said.

The official basically told the Beast that the recent scandals plaguing Trump would have easily been avoided if he would just shut the f*ck up.

“Trump himself hasn’t been implicated in any of these leaks except where he’s implicated himself, where he says something that makes his perhaps less-than-sterling intentions clear,” said the official. “He keeps saying there’s no collusion, and I think he’s right. So if he would just shut his trap, what would Dems have?”

“Okay, he fired Comey,” the official continued. “With a semi-competent comms operation, that would blow over in 24 hours. And that’s the worst part: he has a competent comms staff. But they can’t do their jobs because he keeps running his mouth.”

“Every day he looks more and more like a complete moron,” a senior administration official who also worked on Trump’s campaign told the Daily Beast. “I can’t see Trump resigning or even being impeached, but at this point, I wish he’d grow a brain and be the man that he sold himself as on the campaign.”

Asked whether an administration staff change-up would ameliorate this latest crisis, a Republican source formerly involved with a pro-Trump political group told The Daily Beast, “yes, if it comes with a frontal lobotomy for Trump.”

David C. Gomez, a former FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, said, “In terms of potential criminal activity, it’s amateur night at the White House.“These guys—and Trump especially—don’t know how to not implicate themselves.”

“On a big case like this, the ideal thing would be a wiretap on your number one subject,” Gomez added. “But in this case, you don’t need a wiretap. He just comes right out and says it.”

Trump’s own staff thinks he’s a moron who can’t control his own Twitter account and yet, they work for the amateur president, who thinks he can handle being the leader of the free world.

His own staff is trashing him, and as for Trump, he’ll be screeching on his Twitter timeline to ‘find the leakers,’ instead of accepting responsibility for his own actions and inaction.

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