Guns. How The Right Wing Will Once Again Lose It's F**king Mind 

Guns. How The Right Wing Will Once Again Lose It's F**king Mind

Obama politicized Guns!

He admitted it!

It's the end of America!

Erick Erickson already lost what few fucking marbles he had left [warning link to the cess-pit]

It's an attack on his Religion!

Obama didn't make it a religious event!

You can feel the unreasoning hatred of Obama leak through every word.

I'm not going to put a quote up from the evil fucker, if you want to go to the RedState link be my guest.

Every time the desperately try to make it not about guns but the fault of progressives and liberals, every time they try to muddy the waters with self righteous bullshit, they try and make it about them.

I am a gun owner [in a country with strict laws], it is not about me.

It is about all of us and how the hell we reduce the daily carnage going on in the US.

It is not about religion.

It is not about taking our guns away.

It is about common sense laws that actually make gun ownership more of a civic responsibility.

Damn right this is a political issue and now just watch the right wing run away from it and hide behind the first convenient NRA statement.

No, to those of you like Erick, it is not about you and your fucking crazy beliefs.

It is about all of us.


It is Political.

And the bloody cowards that make up the GOP will once again run for the hills before they dare upset the NRA and their bonkers base.


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