Grapski stands up for BLM as Florida gun shop declares War on BLM..and he takes on Zimmerman too 

Grapski stands up for BLM as Florida gun shop declares War on BLM..and he takes on Zimmerman too

Six of 55 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports around the country, from 7/31/15 through 8/06/15.

Many people on this site have had their issues with Charlie Grapski but I want to say he stands where others talk.  I want to say he has faced pistol whippings and beatings for standing up for what is right.   He believes in videotaping and putting an end to police violence.
He can walk this walk and talk this talk as he has the beatings and scars to go with his activism for equality and voting rights.

Just recently he has gone toe to toe with George Zimmerman and his buddy Andy ( The muslim free gun shop owner ) via Twitter.

The ignorance and racism is mind boggling.  The ACLU has filed suit on behalf of the Muslim community against the Gun Owner.  (Of course the slurs and racism and hatred continues from Good ole Andy and George.

 Zimmerman actually posted a picture of the corpse of Trayvon Martin which again brought national attention to the well known Skittle hating shooter who was acquitted.

The Florida Gun Supply owner is from Massachusetts but folks think he is  a Floridian.  ( Sorry folks, no inbreeding southern trash can be blamed for this hater).  He hides behind a cross and  it appears that he has even converted Zimmerman to his kind of Christianity.  It is not my kind of Christianity but it is surely a racist type.  I am quite sure the kind of God they serve is green and carries 15 minutes of fame attached to it.  Haters are not Christian no more than Jihadists are Muslim.  The Church of Extreme Greed seems to be this duo's religion.

This video and quote from the gun supplier is what I believe set Charlie into a full rant with these guys... A direct quote from You tube when posted.

Published on Sep 4, 2015

We are under attack, America. Watch this video, share it, and then get armed, get trained, and carry daily.

Please note.... that .com has disappeared off the internet at this time.

I have attached a video of these two's rantings and some waters, Charlie has waded into.  I stand and applaud his efforts.

Andy & #georgezimmerman declare race war #BlackLivesMatter Charlie Grapski added,
Charlie Grapski @cgrapski
Watch #georgezimmerman at work

I could not get the tweets to embed , so please overlook...

More with some of their followers...

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  Oct 5
andieiam Retweeted Charlie Grapski
Beta boy is my biggest nightmare.  All along, I thought it was my tax bill.  Hm.  Silly me.   andieiam added,
Charlie Grapski @cgrapski
Not me - I am his biggest nightmare & the same for those with your views @andieiamwhoiam @TherealGeorgeZ
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Charlie Grapski
You've never gone head to head with the likes of me I can assure you @andieiamwhoiam @TherealGeorgeZ

harlie Grapski ‏@cgrapski  Oct 5
Not me - I am his biggest nightmare & the same for those with your views @andieiamwhoiam @TherealGeorgeZ
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 andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam  Oct 5
@cgrapski @TherealGeorgeZ Charlie is my biggest nightmare?  Is he going to type in ALL CAPS to scare me?
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 Charlie Grapski ‏@cgrapski  Oct 5
Nope - I'll just defeat you with logic, reason and facts & prove you're a moron @andieiamwhoiam @TherealGeorgeZ
Shannon In MiamiSharon M
2:24 PM - 5 Oct 2015 · Details
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 Double R ‏@Double_R338  Oct 5
@cgrapski @andieiamwhoiam @TherealGeorgeZ lol. Your a lib. They do not know what facts and logic are! Try again you cuck.

These tweets go on and on on Zimmerman's twitter page as Grapski directly tweets to him and retweets to BLM.  

I, for one am very impressed with this hammering Zimmerman and Charlie calling out hate and racism.  

His Father has been very ill and he lost his Mother but his activism continues.
The difference in so many of us, is that Charlie is actually willing to go to jail for what he believes. He isn't just typing words on a computer  .

Take a look at the video.  

I hope the DOJ and SPLC start looking real close at these haters.

If any of you have a problem with Charlie, please don't voice it on this diary, as I am a fan at this minute.  This takes guts.  The kind of guts I admire.