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GOP STUNNED As Former RNC Chair Drops A HARSH Truth Bomb About Trump (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s cluelessness continues to embarrass America in virtually every single way possible – and we saw yet another example of this when Trump recently made some cringeworthy comments about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito that aired earlier today, Trump questioned why there even was a Civil War in the first place, claiming that his hero, slave owner Andrew Jackson could have prevented the whole thing. Trump began praising Jackson by comparing himself to the seventh president before stating that “had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has expressed his love for Jackson – he even has a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office right now. Trump’s comments not only show how disgustingly racist Trump is, but just how misinformed he is about history – and a former Republican National Committee chair shook up the GOP by pointing out a harsh truth about the pathetic POTUS.

On her show, Andrew Mitchell asked former RNC chair Michael Steele just what he thought about Trump’s interview, and his answer will haunt the GOP for quite some time. After playing the clip of Trump sounding like an idiot, Mitchell said, “I think he’s re-writing history.”

Steele took on Trump’s predictable pattern of not getting facts right and totally humiliated him. Steele said:

Again, there’s a clear lack of understanding of the history of this country, particularly with matters related to race and civil rights, and the Civil War.”

Steele then noted that Trump and Jackson were perhaps not so different after all, considering Jackson made waves by “cutting his own path.” However, when it came down to civil rights, “the policies behind the man, and the man himself, say something very different.” We could certainly say something similar about Trump.

You can watch the former RNC chair rail against his party’s current dictator below:

The Republican Party knows that it made an awful choice by allowing Trump to succeed, and now they have to deal with top members publicly bashing the embarrassment they put in the White House. Trump has forever ruined the GOP’s reputation, and it’s the Republicans’ own fault.

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