GOP HUMILIATED As Mitch McConnell And Steve Bannon Attack Each Other In Public (TWEETS) | THE POLITICUS

GOP HUMILIATED As Mitch McConnell And Steve Bannon Attack Each Other In Public (TWEETS)

As if the Republican Party couldn’t be any more embarrassed to have Donald Trump as its leader, some of its most prominent characters are helping him transform the party into a reality television show – by fighting with each other.

After Trump’s former right-hand man, alt-righter Steve Bannon, declared “war” on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and more traditional Republicans, McConnell didn’t hesitate to hit right back in a very public statement during an appearance with Trump.

At a press conference earlier today at the White House, McConnell and Trump tried to convince America that the GOP is “”, even though the party is clearly a hot mess. Even after Trump addressed Bannon’s attacks on the GOP and said he still had a “very good relationship” with the former White House chief strategist, McConnell still couldn’t help himself from railing against Bannon and having the last word.

Taking a not so subtle dig at Bannon, McConnell jabbed the bitter Breitbart CEO about the fact that he was no longer in the White House and said:

Winners make policy, and losers go home.”

You can watch this moment below:

It seems that even the most prominent Republicans are picking up on Trump’s childish behavior. If these people focused half as much of their energy on solving America’s problems as they did fighting each other, our country would be in a far better state. The Republican Party is filled with children at the moment, with the biggest baby of them all leading the pack. It will be a miracle if America survives four years of “leadership” under these clowns.

Featured image via Alex Wong and Scott Olson / Getty Images