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GOP Falls Apart As Top Republican Threatens To Abandon Party Over Trump (VIDEO)

The disastrous effect Donald Trump has had on America – and even his own party – is something that we will be recovering from for a very long time, if we even survive it.

At this point in Trump’s presidency, even top Republicans are sickened and speaking out against what the Republican Party has turned into under Trump’s horrendous ‘leadership’ and are publicly objecting to it in a way that will make every conservative feel ashamed.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Ohio governor and former presidential candidate John Kasich spoke frankly about the future of the Republican Party, particularly in the sense that Ray Moore will likely be Alabama’s next U.S. senator. Tapper asked Kasich:

Does Judge Roy Moore represent the future of the Republican party?”

Kasich said, “I certainly hope not.”

Kasich then went on to say that both Democrats and Republicans are locked in a “struggle for the soul”, but he made it a point to rip his own party and show just how fed up he is with how things have gone over the past few months. Kasich said:

If the party can’t be fixed, Jake, then I’m not gonna be able to support the party, period.”

Tapper quickly tried to get Kasich to clarify what he meant and Kasich responded by trashing Trump and his administration’s agenda:

We need to fix it. If our party, if the Republican party, is gonna be anti-immigration, if it’s not gonna be worried about debt, if it’s going to be anti-trade, this is not where our party can be.”

Kasich has perfectly captured the frustration and disgust that many conservatives are feeling under Trump’s presidency. In many ways, the GOP has become unrecognizable and Kasich perfectly pointed that out. You can watch his interview below:

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