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GOP Candidate In Line For MAJOR Seat Was Just Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Minor (DETAILS)

Thursday morning, the Washington Post that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, the ultra-conservative former judge that defeated Trump’s hand-picked candidate in that race, Luther Strange, has been accused of inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 years old and working as an assistant District Attorney in Etowah County, Alabama.

Moore is considered the last Republican “firewall” election this year, after the thrashing the GOP took at the hands of Democrats on Tuesday night, and his special election contest on December 12 could be in deep trouble, should this prove to be a thing that Republicans actually care about.

That sounds heartless, but it was voters like those in Alabama — who seemingly do not care about moral transgressions by their candidates, no matter how hypocritical it makes them — who elected Donald Trump a year ago.

Back in 1979, when Moore was in the Etowah County courthouse on business, he offered to “watch over” a young girl named Leigh Corfman, who was there with her mother for a child custody hearing. Once the mother was inside the courtroom, Corfman alleges, Moore asked for her phone number. Just a few days later, Moore picked the teenager up and took her to his house, where he kissed her and stripped off her clothes down to underwear. Corfman also attests that Moore guided her hands to places no 14-year-old’s hands should be going.

As though this revelation weren’t enough, three other women from the area, none of whom initiated contact with the newspaper, were sought out by the Post reporter after they heard the rumors about Moore. Each woman detailed accounts of similar experiences with Moore, though all were older than Corfman at the time they allege the assaults — because they are assaults — took place. One woman says that, though she was 18 at the time, Moore plied her with wine when she was a year younger than the legal drinking age. The other two women were 16 and 17 when they were approached by Moore.

Moore, of course, denies all of the allegations, chalking them up to “the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post” in an effort to smear him. The women, however, were reluctant to even come forward, and only did so after multiple interviews with the Post reporters.

Let’s hope that in what seems to be a coming-out time for victims of sexual assault in America and around the world, these charges are examined and if necessary, prosecuted.

Above all, let’s hope that the people of Alabama will reject any candidate who has been accused by four different women of inappropriate conduct when they were children.

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