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Google Thinks Trump Is The ‘Top Economist’ And Twitter Can’t Handle It (TWEETS)

Twitter is having a meltdown over finding out that if you search “top economist” on Google, Donald Trump’s name pops up at number one. It’s especially funny since MarketWatch Trump’s economics an “unmitigated disaster” and says that the GOP presidential nominee’s plan “makes no sense at all.”

“The supposed increases in government revenue are based on an analysis that reads like word salad,” the paper states.

Naturally, Twitter users were baffled when they noticed his ranking on Google.

One Twitter user wrote, “Google can’t lie.”

Another Twitter user responded, “You’re right, it doesn’t” along with a screen capture showing the results of “guy who created HIV epidemic in Indiana,” which included pictures of vice-presidential hopeful Mike Pence.

One Twitter user searched “top economists” — in plural form — and Donald Trump came up third. He tweeted, “Can’t stop laughing.”

Another one laughed, too.

Trump also pops up as “best businessman” and that’s hilarious, too, since his tax returns have never been released. No one is really sure if he’s actually a billionaire or not at this point.

One Twitter user wrote, “Throw in Alex Jones for good measure.” Sure, why not.

CNET explains the :

Google’s search algorithms are based on more than 200 factors, including page rankings, news relevancy and popularity. This means that though Google may list a person as a “top” member of a field, he or she may be a top search result related to the query — and not necessarily the best person in said field. Case in point: Search for “top singers” in Google and you’ll see that Justin Bieber is listed before Michael Jackson, Prince, and David Bowie.

Well, that makes sense but we expect Donald Trump to be bragging about the results anyway. I’m not saying he will, but some people are saying that. Believe me. Just Google it.