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Good news for the Virginia special elections. "The Nation" is mobilizing!

     We’re on the right track here. Recently, several diarists such as MYSELF and Kim Drew Wright have begun posting diaries getting everybody ramped up for the upcoming special elections in Virginia on January 10th. Apparently we’re not the only ones who are tuned in and turned on. The Nation magazine is entering the fray, and pushing to mobilize in Virginia to help to turn the tide.

     Just now I received from a reliable source a copy of a letter being e-mailed out by The Nation, I will post it for your perusal now;

As we prepare to resist Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress, much of our energy will have to be focused on fights at the state and local level. In that spirit, I’m writing to give you a heads up about Virginia’s special elections on January 10th for three General Assembly seats.

On our most recent Nation Cruise, we were honored to be joined by Nation reader and supporter Dr. William F. “Fergie” Reid. Dr. Reid was the first African American to serve in Virginia’s General Assembly since Reconstruction and has been fighting for voting rights for most of his nearly 92 years. For his ninetieth birthday in 2015, friends and activists honored him by launching the 90 for 90 campaign, an initiative in Virginia to register at least 90 new voters in each of the Commonwealth’s 2,559 precincts.

As part of their work getting voters to the polls, 90 for 90 has posted information on the upcoming special election on their site. This election is key, as Republicans currently control the Virginia State Senate and key Democratic wins in January could tie that legislative body.

Please check out 90 for 90 to find out how you can volunteer between now and the election to help get people to polls, including through virtual phone banking. You can also contact 90 for 90 to get involved in registering voters all year round.

Finally, if you or any of your friends or family members are not registered to vote, the deadline to do so for this election is January 3rd.

All the best, Sarah Arnold

     This could be important for the races in Virginia. Increased attention on a national scale may help these candidates get some much needed financial support. There are only three weeks until the special election, and a surge in advertising and appearances can give these candidates a critical leg up, as well as boosting local awareness. And how many Nation readers in Virginia may not be tuned into or aware of 90for90 or the Daily Kos? This is another way to get them to knock on doors, make some phone calls, or at the very least show up to vote!

     Who knows, if this effort is successful, then maybe The Nation will be more amenable to become more actively involved in educating and motivating people for the upcoming special legislative elections in North Carolina in a few months. But no matter what, it’s a strong sign that we’re starting to get back to the business of mobilizing and advocating for candidates again. Let’s not waste it!