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‘Get Your Guns’: Trump-Loving Nazis Call For ‘War’ After They’re Run Out Of Town

Well, folks. The Nazis want a war now. After a gathering of the “alt-Right” (the current Nazi rebranding effort) at U.C. Berkeley was killed by angry Americans who are sick of allowing actual, literal Nazis to run rampant, well…you have to see it for yourself.

Sunday featured violent clashes between Trump-supporting alt-reichers and protesters at Martin Luther King Civic Center Park. According to witnesses, the :

But Kitty Stryker, a member of an allegiance of Juggalos and counter protesters known as Struggalo Circus, said the anti-fascists did not incite violence as police and far-right groups have claimed.

Stryker said she provided medical aid to one counter protester who was pepper sprayed by a far-right activist and said she was almost punched in the face while breaking up a fight between a Trump supporter and another person.

Overall, Stryker said, she believed the counter protesters shut down the far-right figures with overwhelming numbers, not violence.

“Mostly though, I didn’t see any fighting and I think that has to do with having strong numbers and solidarity,” she said.

In other words, the Nazis showed up asking for violence and they got violence that didn’t quite work out so well for them because Americans have a long and storied tradition of smacking fascists around.

The clashes erupted after multiple canceled Nazi rallies, according to the LA Times:

City officials said they denied at least three requests for permits from demonstrators on both sides of the political aisle for Martin Luther King Park. Amber Cummings, a supporter of President Trump who organized the canceled “Say No To Marxism” rally, had asked supporters not to show up.

Gibson, the organizer of Saturday’s “Patriot Prayer” rally in San Francisco, did the same: first canceling a rally at Crissy Field, then a subsequent news conference in the city over what he claimed were unsafe conditions and threats of violence from anti-fascists.

After thousands of protesters marched through San Francisco’s Mission District on Saturday afternoon, Gibson and about two dozen of his supporters appeared at Crissy Field and argued with some of them, but for the most part, avoided any physical conflict.

Two groups of counter-protesters also requested permits in Berkeley for Sunday, but were denied.

As they retreated, three Nazis sat in a car and made it clear that a.) they are sad that people hate them so much, b.) that they have no interest in being peaceful about anything, and c.) that they want a “war.”

“No amount of love or diplomacy is going to stop the Marxist scourge,” one Nazi wearing a black shirt says in a video that is making its way around Twitter. “This is their plan. It’s written in fucking books. It’s what they’re about and only violence can fucking remove them.”

“There needs to be a fucking war,” Blackshirt continued. “There needs to be no diplomacy or anything. These are fucking Communists from textbook. There needs to be a fucking war to deal with this shit.”

“We need to form militias, guys,” Blackshirt says. “Get your guns. Get your guns. Days like these make me so sympathetic to the guy who drove the Dodge truck into that crowd.”

“The turnout from the Left was no different from August 15,” Blackshirt says later in the video. “We would have smashed them the same.”

At the event in question, a mob of torch-wielding Nazis surrounded counterprotesters and attacked, even throwing their tiki torches because this is the sort of shit we have decided to allow in our society. Numerous demonstrators were beaten by mobs of Nazis, one of them fired a gun into the crowd, and it was basically a paradise for the violent Right.

Watch these Nazis make it clear that the only language they understand is violence below:

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