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Gay Marriage or Theocracy: What is to Become of America?


Gay Marriage or Theocracy: What is to Become of America?

A crescendo of anger seems to build within some of us who have strong feelings about the direction of the country and where it is heading.

Conservatives are concerned that the country is turning into a hotbed of sin, with homosexuals gaining ground on same-sex marriages and abortions numbers growing consistently.

Liberals are concerned that our country will become a theocracy, with laws passed in both federal and state houses across the country forcing religious edicts upon all American citizens.

Moderates are concerned that the unemployment rate is way too high and they’re not sure how they’re going to be able to afford things like health care, college for their kids, retirement and the mortgages on their homes.

In the middle of all this, we have politicians of all political stripes playing to the crowd of whoever supports him or her most. Many of these lawmakers prefer to listen to those with more means who can support their campaigns in a big way.

Also in the middle, along with the politicians we have the U. S. judicial system, and when it comes to the really big questions concerning all our lives; a U.S. Supreme Court at the top to make the final decision in the guarding of our most precious treasures –equality and liberty.

Over the decades we have depended on this form of government and its active members to resolve our differences and look for answers to our most pressing concerns facing this country. It has survived and changed as needed, to respond to our ever-growing needs and our bounding desire to be free.

It is those in the middle – our lawmakers and our judicial system that we count on to make the right decisions, to overlook their own preconceptions enough to judge fairly in all things and do always what is best for the country. We also know that it often unbalanced and often divided, with much of the nation being led by popular media outlets such as radio and television, and politicians being led by those with money and power. And then justices who seem to have their own agenda that allows them to see the United States Constitution as a document they can interpret in a way that suits their own agenda and not to the betterment of the nation.

A question in my mind as it surely is in others is; will we ever get past all this division, this anger? Another question I would like an answer to is; where is our country heading? Who will be the final victors and then rewarded with the spoils? I cannot attempt to know the real answers but this is what I speculate:

We will keep fighting over our differences and though solutions will sometimes be just an arm’s reach away, our rigid inflexibleness and adamant stances will keep us from reaching them.

Our society will grow more liberal as it always has done. Abortion will continue in this country, legal or illegal but most likely legal, as without it; more children will be born into poverty. The reason being is because many women have abortions in this country simply because they cannot afford it.

Gay marriage will become legal nationwide eventually. Younger people support gay marriage and ultimately they will be the ones deciding the direction of the country. The reason they support gay marriage is also unlikely to change overtime because the main reason young people support gay marriage and gay rights is because they personally have friends who are gay and they’re much more enlightened by it.

Also, as it’s now taking place in some parts of the country, such as California and Massachusetts, Americans can get a firsthand look at the impact same-sex marriage has on the community at large. What they’re now finding is that there is no impact, except for positives. One of those positives is that there is now a new market for gay married couples.

Along with a more liberal society, we’ll also have a continuation of the flow of wealth to the wealthiest. There will always be a few of the wealthiest in this country seeking for more control and power in our country;  they will use their accumulative wealth to gain even more wealth and they will always manipulate and poison our political process, thereby gaming our government and its lawmakers.

Hateful, bigoted people will always be around and they will always be manipulated by those in power just to throw a wrench into the gears of compromise and success. Still, many Americans of all political persuasions and religions, races and sexual orientation will see past all that bigotry and will work together to fix our broken system. Yet then again, there will also always be those who would throw up road blocks of pessimism and decisiveness.

Hopefully when all is said and done, good people and the good of the country will win out and balance will once again find a seat at the table of government. Hopefully reason will be the deciding factor in what is to become of America; without it we’re a lost cause.