Fox Noise Opinion: "Go Donald Go For It"

It's not often I agree with the Top Story on Fox Noise's Opinion Page [but possibly not for the reasons they would like]

So it’s easy to understand why Mr. Trump’s  message about illegals pillaging and plundering our nation is resonating with average Americans. But what I can’t seem to understand is why Country Club Republicans find his honest and straightforward appraisal is impolite and ill-mannered.

I find Teh Don's approach refreshingly honest. It may be bigoted, crass and bloviating  bullshit but:

Everything he says is pure GOP ideology.

You know, the one they want to strap into a straight-jacket and lock away with their other disgraced relatives in a bunker somewhere in Nevada. Heaven forbid that it ever gets out...oh noes.....

The fact that Trump is aligning himself somewhere between the KKK and the Birchers is music to my ears.

Trump rises to numbeh one!

Now, don't get carried away here. It's easy for an attention-getting celebrity non-politician like Trump to stand out from a pack of politicians for a bit, but his candidacy is surely still doomed.

Dooooooommmmmmeeeeed? No, no, no

We cant be having that!

Go Donald Go!

I cant wait for the first debate. Could it go down as an all time classic GOP fail? It surely has the potential for some epic floundering by the others. I can picture the hair now stomping on Jeb.

Bring it On

Go Donald Go.

I enjoyed this article

The GOP doesn't have a Donald Trump problem. It has an angry conservative base problem.

How do you solve a problem like The Donald?

That question is currently consuming the minds (and fueling the nightmares) of leading Republican power brokers.

And you gotta have some sympathy for their plight.

Actually, I take that back. It's entirely possible to have nothing but schadenfreude for what the GOP is going through. There is certainly a chickens-coming-home-to-roost character to Donald Trump's meteoric rise in the polls over the past couple of weeks. This is a party, after all, that has spent close to the entirety of the Obama administration stoking right-wing populism, encouraging conspiracy theories about the president and his policies, and deploying wildly irresponsible rhetoric about the dire threats posed to the nation by mainstream members of the Democratic Party. Trump's campaign, which is powered almost entirely by demagogic bluster and insults, is a kind of apotheosis of the party's strategy these past several years.

Especially the conclusion

What the Republican Party needs isn't more courageous candidates and elites. It's a new electorate.

Trump; the best train to crash into the debris that is the GOP for ages.

I need some music...ah...perfect