Fox News Reaches A New Low, Makes The Most Disgusting Excuse For Roy Moore’s Pedophilia (DETAILS) | THE POLITICUS

Fox News Reaches A New Low, Makes The Most Disgusting Excuse For Roy Moore’s Pedophilia (DETAILS)

Let’s face it: Donald Trump has honestly done enough over the past year to ruin the Republican Party’s reputation for the next few decades. It seems impossible that the GOP even has a chance of surviving even if he doesn’t complete his full first term. However, there are now other scandals within the Republican Party that are threatening to destroy the party’s last thin thread of credibility, and conservatives can thank pedophile Roy Moore for that.

This week, Moore became the center of attention after a bombshell report was released about Moore sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl (when he was 32 years old). Allegations from several more women who were assaulted by Moore when they were teenagers also came to light. The GOP’s response to this has been overall extremely disappointing. While some prominent conservatives have condemned his actions and sided with the victims, most him or . To make matters worse, Fox News has just given one of the most disgusting responses to the Moore mess.

In reaction to the allegations against Moore, Fox News actually decided to turn it into an attack on the Democrats – and stretch their argument so far that they actually found a way to blame Hillary Clinton for Moore’s actions. Jumping on a that stated that one of the women accusing Moore had been a sign language interpreter for Clinton’s campaign, Fox News said:

One of the women accusing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual impropriety reportedly worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a new report claims. Deborah Wesson Gibson, who told The Washington Post that she briefly dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34, founded the language interpreting company, Signs of Excellence, and has worked for a number of democratic campaigns, according to Alabama Local News.”

Because Republicans can’t take responsibility for anything the members of their party do, they are spinning one man’s horrific actions as an attack and conspiracy against the GOP. And of course, just like former POTUS Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is one of their favorite targets. This shows how truly desperate the GOP has become in order to save themselves. But the truth of the matter is that four women have already come forward about Moore’s actions – and they are likely to be joined by more women. And once that happens, blaming this whole thing on Hillary Clinton isn’t going to work.

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