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Forty-Seven Months to Go

One month into this disgusting administration, and I'm even stunned and amazed (and quite uproariously amused) at how quickly the whole thing is disintegrating. This is beyond our worst fears. You had to be unconscious not to have predicted how badly this was going to end up. I really do not believe that Trump will survive another forty-seven months; but we have to resign ourselves to the depressing fact that he will be the cross America is forced to bear for at least another two years. Impeachment will only happen with a Democratic takeover of both houses of Congress.

There's nothing left to say. This will probably be the shortest thing I've ever written on this site. To be perfectly frank with you, I'm totally shitfaced at the moment - which is the desired condition to be in when one is as ashamed of their country as I am now. I am no longer at ease living in a nation with a population so mind-fuckingly dense that they would happily send someone as completely unhinged and unqualified as Donald Trump to the White House. Don't you dare say that I didn't warn you. Don't.

Idiot Nation.

Here is a question that is screaming to be addressed: How did a country that had the foresight to elect Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Barack Obama to the presidency ever sink this low? How the hell is this even possible?

Go gently into that good night, America. It's over. It' over. It's fucking over,  Get used to living in a nation in ruins.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY


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