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Former WH Staffer: Judge Just Signed 2 Warrants Related To Comey’s Trump Investigation

Claude Taylor, who worked on three presidential campaigns and served on President Bill Clinton’s White House staff, unleashed a bombshell on Twitter, saying that sources revealed that warrants have been signed in regards to FBI director James Comey “Trump investigation.”

“I now have 2 sources within legal community confirming that a D.C. area judge has signed 2 warrants related to Comey’s Trump investigation,” he tweeted.

Taylor wrote in another tweet, ‘This just in from a source with knowledge of Comey’s investigation. “two grand juries have convened and I know that one is almost complete.”‘

There’s more.

Earlier, he tweeted, in part, that Trump may die penniless and in jail.

We don’t know what kind of warrants have been signed. An attorney weighed in, writing, “It can be a couple of things. First, it can be GJ Subpoenas to compel prod of evidence/witnesses to GJ. They can also be arrest warrants.”

Taylor says he’s certain about the warrants.

Another attorney weighed in, too.

There is no timeline for when the warrant will be executed.

But, on Twitter Taylor suggested that it will be soon. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will be served the warrants, or if it’s more than one person.

FBI Director James Comey spoke to Senators during a Judiciary Committee oversight hearing and quite a lot was revealed. For one, he is at the bureau leaked sensitive information to reporters or public figures during the 2016 presidential campaign. That includes former mayor and Trump ally Rudy Giuliani.

Or, it could be Michael Fynn. It could be Carter Page. It could be Jared Kushner. It could be Paul Manafort. There are so many people tied to Trump who are associated with Russia.

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