Former Mexican President Hits Trump Back Over ‘Sh**hole’ Comment, And It’s GOLD | THE POLITICUS

Former Mexican President Hits Trump Back Over ‘Sh**hole’ Comment, And It’s GOLD

Trump insulted a rather large portion of the world today the U.S. allows people to come in from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador and much of Africa, rather than bastions of, well, whiteness like Norway. He was promptly raked over the coals for that, as well he should have been, including by former Mexican president Vicente Fox. Fox has made a side career out of blasting Trump, but this is so perfect it cuts like the sharpest of swords:

He’s not wrong. Trump regularly demeans the people who come to the U.S. from developing nations because he’s a flaming racist pig. Fox has been focusing on this aspect of Trump’s attitudes ever since Trump called Latino immigrants “rapists” and “killers,” and claimed that Mexico would be paying for his border wall since he thinks Mexico has been taking advantage of us instead of solving their own problems.

Furthermore, Trump himself is the son of an immigrant. His mother was Scottish, and she traveled to the U.S. to–you guessed it–. Trump routinely seems to forget that when he drags immigrants and immigration through the pig sty. But he probably doesn’t consider Scottish immigrants (including his mother) to be “those” people – Scots are white and Scotland isn’t a third-world hellhole like, well, everywhere brown people come from. White people don’t come here to drain our system, only brown people do. To him, they’re inferior. He remains willfully ignorant of the contributions they make to American society. All he cares about is that they aren’t like him. They aren’t white, they aren’t rich, and so they don’t belong.

Fox has a silver, whip-sharp tongue. Trump deserved this dig.

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