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‘Fire and Fury’ Author Reveals Shocking New Information About Trump, He’s Going To Go Insane

If you thought Donald Trump lost his mind over the leak and release of Michael Wolff’s tell-all book, , it’s about to get much, MUCH worse for the unstable POTUS.

It turns out that Trump’s nightmares are far from over when it comes to people exposing what goes on in his dysfunctional administration. In a report that is going to have Trump melting down like we’ve never seen before, it’s been revealed that “Fire and Fury” is not only more popular than ever – it’s in such high demand that it’s being

The film and television rights to “Fire and Fury” have just been acquired by Endeavor Content in a deal that is worth seven figures – the company’s largest deal to date. And in news that will make Trump even more upset, Wolff is going to executive produce the series along with Channel 4 and BBC executive Michael Jackson.

This is really bad news for Trump. Not only has Trump and his corrupt White House tried to fight the release of Wolff’s book, but they’ve spent countless hours in interviews, press briefings, and tweets trying to discredit the book – and now it’s just going to gain even more attention!

“Fire and Fury” highlights just how unprepared Trump was for the presidency, highlighting his worst characteristics and most embarrassing moments. There are even several damaging details in which his old (and current) advisors and aides have insulted him. It was filled with incidents that Trump never wanted the American public to know – and we imagine that this new television series will bring all of that to the forefront and more.

It’s only the first month of 2018, but already Trump has gotten tons of news that will threaten his presidency. But Trump deserves no sympathy – this is a nightmare all of his own creation.

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