Feel The Bern: Time To Panic?

Oh my

But as his presidential campaign gains altitude and attention, Sanders may be on the way to securing the most difficult black progressive endorsement there is: the blessing of Professor Cornel West, one of America’s leading public intellectuals. Celebrity is rare in American academe, but the eccentric West (along with MIT’s Noam Chomsky) is something of a superstar scholar. He’s our Slavoj Žižek, but with far better hair and a sense of fashion.

Yes, there are some differences between the two

That doesn’t cut it for West on Israel and Palestine. But even a passing grade from Professor West is tantamount to an endorsement these days, as West’s critical blade has been ground to a razor-sharp edge in the years since President Obama’s inauguration.

Then again who agrees with anyone else 100%? There will always be some disagreement and that is healthy, it is how we progress.

We have seen some others trying to drive a wedge by negative campaigning, I cannot ever remember Bernie Sanders going down that road, toughly defending his own position, yes, negativity, no.

If you have something to say, say it and say it as if you actually mean it, then let the voters decide. If you don't like someone else's point of view promote your own and demonstrate how you actually carry it out. Look what I represent, not, oh look at what they said and that makes them a terrible person.

If anyone finds a perfect candidate let me know, it will be the most amazing find in history.

What I want is someone ready to fight for me and to tell me just how they propose doing so. I don't want to hear what they think about their opponents, I want to hear what they actually believe in, and why they have changed their position on something they actually voted for.

Stay positive Bernie, it's going to get nasty out there. I don't worry about him doing so, however some "supporters" might just get drawn in. Push your own candidate on the issues and I will push Bernie on gun control as the issue is national not just regional.

Go Bernie.