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FBI Searches High-Tech GOP Fundraising Office Linked To Disgraced Trump Campaign Manager

Early Thursday, agents from the Washington FBI office executed a raid on a Republican fundraising and consulting firm. Strategic Campaign Group, located at 191 Main Street in Annapolis, MD, serves Republican candidates across the country. According to SCG’s website, the used to work with BKSH & Associates, a K Street lobbying outfit which was run by Paul Manafort as recently as 2010. Manafort, of course, is Donald Trump’s former campaign advisor, whose extensive ties to Russia are both well-documented and under further investigation.

There was no word on the subject of the search warrant served by the agents, and none of the building’s tenants or neighbors appeared to know what the raid was about, according to WBAL-TV’s 11 News I-Team. :

Two agents, with FBI on their body armor, started to tape trash bags over the glass door blocking out any view of what is going on inside. One of the agents had a side arm, one was wearing blue surgical gloves.”

Current clients of the strategy group include the Tea Party and the Conservative Majority Fund. The firm has been sued by former clients and investigated by the FEC for “scam” fundraising, in which they used likenesses of candidates to raise money without the candidates’ knowledge, which they kept. Although the founder of SCG, Kelley Rogers, told the Annapolis Capital Gazette that the search was linked to the campaign of Ken Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia, the secrecy and timing of the raid has caused many on social media to speculate that it is in fact related to the ongoing investigation into collusion between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. The connection of the office to Trump’s former campaign manager lends even more credence to the idea:

I will keep an eye out for further details on this case.

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