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Ex-Trump Bodyguard Admits Russia Offered Trump Prostitutes The Night The Pee-Pee Tape Happened

One of Trump’s former bodyguards, Keith Schiller, testified before Congress today and said something pretty damning about the night that Trump allegedly had Russian prostitutes urinating on the bed in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton in Moscow. , Russia did, indeed, offer prostitutes to Trump that night.

Two sources present for the hearing with the House Intelligence Committee told NBC News earlier today that Schiller discussed the situation with Trump as they walked back to his hotel room. True to form, though, Schiller claims that nothing happened, which has been the position of everyone who’s in love with Donald Trump since the Steele dossier came out last year.

However, attorney Seth Abramson has a different take:

from the BBC’s Chief Russia Correspondent, who reported months ago that multiple witnesses saw Trump trying to get them into the hotel, and even that someone witnessed a dispute with hotel security over whether these prostitutes could be allowed up to Trump’s suite without signing in. And Schiller himself admits he wasn’t with Trump the entire night.

Of course, because it looks like Schiller is confirming at least part of the Steele dossier, which Trump and his loyal subjects all maintain is one giant lie (like everything that makes Trump look like the sick, disgusting bastard he is):

“The Chairman and Ranking Member [of the House Intelligence Committee] should investigate and hold accountable whoever is responsible for leaking false and misleading versions of Mr. Schiller’s testimony. This conduct is indefensible and calls into question the credibility and motives of the Committee’s investigation.”

Even though Schiller claims nothing happened, as long as he wasn’t with Trump all night, he doesn’t know, and witness reports contradict him. And Schiller himself has taken one more step towards proving the dossier is true.

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