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Ex-Trump Aide Accidentally Throws Him Under The Bus By Confirming Wolff’s Access To White House

It’s funny, how all of the voices from the Trump administration in public lately attempting to defend The Donald from the accusations of laziness, ineptitude, and scoffing at the Constitution are the neo-Nazis who either have worked for him in the past or are still on his staff.

First, Steve Bannon by calling the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower between Don Jr, Jared Kushner, and a host of Russian co-conspirators “unpatriotic” and “treasonous,” then trying to backpedal and claim that he was talking about Paul Manafort, the weasel who worked for Trump at the time and was also in attendance at the meeting, rather than the president’s son. Of course, later quotes in the book – which Bannon has yet to refute – detail him declaring that Junior would “crack like an egg” in the investigation. Trump at the time.

Then one of Trump’s current top aides, white supremacist Stephen Miller, went on Jake Tapper’s show on CNN and the likes of which we have not seen in some time, even on cable news. He was escorted from the property by CNN security after refusing to leave when Tapper prematurely ended the interview over Miller’s constant shouting and repetitions of the same few words over and over.

Now Sebastian Gorka, a British-Hungarian who still wears his grandfather’s WWII Nazi collaborator medal and served as Trump’s deputy assistant until his abrupt resignation in August, has penned in online news publication The Hill, which attempts to further undermine the credibility of the book.

Unfortunately for Gorka – and for Trump – he inadvertently contradicted one of Trump’s chief claims about author Michael Wolff: Namely, the president denied he had ever granted access to the White House for Wolff, who claims to have been “embedded” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for months “like a sort of fly on the wall.”

Although numerous reports have since come out that White House staff, aides, and employees were, in fact, instructed to speak to Wolff for the book, none had yet gone on record confirming that this was the case — until Gorka’s article was published.

Now it will likely be a race to see whose published remarks are deleted first, or who tries to walk back what they’ve said. Since Donald Trump isn’t really known for taking anything back, my money is on Gorka to try and find some excuse for having thrown Trump under the bus and admitting that Trump either did grant Wolff access to the White House… Or that he’s not really the one in charge.

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