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Ex-Obama Speechwriter Torches CNN For Giving ‘Stupid’ Trump Mouthpieces A Platform (VIDEO)

CNN is largely seen as the middle-of-the-road alternative to the conservative, pro-Trump propaganda machine that is Fox News and the unabashedly progressive, anti-Trump news organization that is MSNBC. This is why they have not only liberals and conservatives on their panels, but also pro-Trump conservatives, as well as anti-Trump conservatives. However good these intentions may be, there is a problem: Trump surrogates lie. Because their orange commander cannot take criticism, his surrogates refuse to say one bad word against him, ever, for fear of retribution from the hard right – and perhaps even Trump himself. Well, on Sunday’s edition of Reliable Sources, Jon Lovett, former speechwriter for President Obama and current host of the podcast Pod Save America, .

Host Brian Stelter started the conversation off, and asked Lovett about cable news panels:

If you could change one thing about this, this format, what would it be?”

Lovett was ready with a scathing response, beginning, “You turn it on and there’s a big giant panel…”

Stelter interjected, mentioning the names of two prominent CNN Trump surrogates:

“You mean Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany?”

And that’s when Lovett went all in on CNN for giving those ridiculous people a platform:

Absolutely, and you look at that giant panel, and it’s smart person, smart person, smart person, stupid person, smart person, smart person, smart person, bullshit factory.”

Lovett then went on to say that he was not insulting every person who supports Trump, but perfectly articulates just what’s wrong with giving these people a platform day after day, and week after week:

I’m calling the people that CNN puts on television terrible representatives of the views of conservatives, they’re terrible representatives of the kind of politics we should have. I mean these are not intellectually honest people. These are people building a brand, people willing to say anything.”

“So often on CNN there are world-class journalists interviewing campaign rejects, ideologues and silly craven people who do not care about informing people, who aren’t there to help people understand what’s going on in the news.”

Lovett is exactly right. CNN is a great news organization, but the problem with Trump surrogates is that they are, just like their leader, opportunistic pathological liars. There can be no honest debate when one side lies incessantly and deliberately misinforms the public. The entire Trump machine has waged a very dangerous war on the truth, and a legitimate news organization like CNN should not, under any circumstances, be giving these people air time. That only serves to further damage our institutions, when we should be doing all we can to save them.

Hopefully, CNN listens to the likes of Jon Lovett, and gets rid of the like of Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany, Rick Santorum, Jack Kingston, and all the rest of these lying idiots. They should at least give them an ultimatum: Stop lying, or get off the air.

Watch this refreshing telling of the truth about Trump surrogates below:


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