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Every Celebrity Trump Has Used In His War Against The NFL Tells Him To F*ck Off

Donald Trump’s ongoing campaign against free speech has been the for almost a week now. Sure, he’s mentioned some other stuff in passing, but at this point, people are literally because Trump has been too busy railing against NFL athletes who use the period when the national anthem is played to silently protest injustice in America for people of color.

But Trump is nothing if he’s not insecure, and his war against the First Amendment is no different. He positively needs for people to agree with him, even if he has to pretend like they agree with him when they don’t. The only problem is, the big names who do agree with him keep getting overshadowed by bigger names that don’t. And the “celebrities” Trump thought he could use without fear of reprisal have all had angry responses for Trump as well.

When Richard Petty spoke up in favor of Trump’s response to the NFL protests, NASCAR fans who also happened to be Trump fans (there’s a lot of overlap) went wild over it. Then Dale Earnhardt, Junior had to go and weigh in on the whole thing and he ruined it for them by ‘ First Amendment rights. Last Sunday, Army veteran Alejandro Villanueva was the only Pittsburgh Steeler on the field while the national anthem was played, which caused his jersey sales to skyrocket the next day among folks who hate the protests. , calling the whole thing “a mistake.”

But then Trump tried to use people he never thought would respond to claim support for his vendetta against freedom of thought for professional athletes.

On September 24th, he retweeted a fan using an image of John Jones, a veteran who lost both legs to a landmine in Iraq:

Jones the use of his likeness for divisive politics like Trump’s, saying “keep it peaceful, keep it respectful and I don’t care what you do.”

Then on September 25th, Trump retweeted another fan who posted a picture of Pat Tillman, the NFL safety for the Arizona Cardinals who died in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan:

This one was a head-scratcher. Maybe he thought since it was an NFL player, it would carry more weight? But Tillman was widely known for his liberal politics, and his wife and spoken out against Trump in the past. Perhaps Donald lives in a bubble and never paid attention before, but Marie Tillman :

Pat’s service, along with that of every man and woman’s service, should never be politicized in a way that divides us. We are too great of a country for that.”

On September 26th, Trump thought he would try a different tactic. He tweeted a video of the fastest man in the world, Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt, turning to face the flag during a sideline interview when the US national anthem came on the loudspeaker:

Bolt himself hasn’t tweeted since Trump tried to use him as a prop in his war against American values, but his team sure has:

Much like his consternation over his preferred candidate losing the special election in Alabama that Trump was stumping for when he started this whole war, the president seems blissfully unaware of just how little he knows about America, free speech, and who does or does not agree with him. All of the tweets you see in this article are still up, meaning Trump still hasn’t bothered to find out he’s using celebrities, the war-wounded, and even veterans who gave their lives for this country in a battle they would never side with him on.

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