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Even A Majority Of Fox News Viewers Want Trump’s Ties To Russia Investigated

Amateur president Donald Trump’s scandal surrounding his alleged ties to Russia has been deemed by the former reality TV show star to be “fake news.” However, at least have been investigating Trump’s ties to Russia for months while at the same time, the alleged president is blasting the spies. And people in the White House are leaking information. According to , the agencies involved in the investigation are the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of national intelligence. Still, yet, team Trump has been dismissive of the scandal which has been likened to Watergate.

A Fox News poll , “Do you think there should be a deeper investigation into Trump administration contacts with Russian officials?”

As of now, 68 percent said yes, 30 percent said no and 2 percent of those polled were unsure. In the deep red state of Texas, 64 percent said yes; 34 percent said no and 2 percent said they were unsure. 44,367 people took part in the poll.

The comments under the poll are revealing. “Let’s see the tax returns as promised! His ties to Russia compromise our safety and security. This is a threat to our nation,” one commenter wrote.

“This administration is embarrassing the US,” another comment reads. “The lies are easily proven false by video of this man’s mouth speaking the opposite.”

“If the president has nothing to hide, he and others should support and allow full transparency about connections with Russia as well as all business connections and past tax returns,” another commenter writes. “Resisting transparency in these areas makes me even more worried that something is not right. Our children and grandchildren deserve our courage and integrity right now.”

“Too many secrets. Too many lies. Too many deflections from the real story,” another comment reads. “Too much turmoil. Too many mistakes. Too much bumbling and ineptness. Too many scandals. Too much taxpayer money spent. And we’re only ONE month in!!”

“Even I agree there MUST be an investigation,” ConservativePro1 writes.

American spy agencies concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in an attempt to help Trump win and that’s why the fake news president keeps deflecting while trying to claim that he won the popular vote (he did not win the popular vote).

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