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Evangelicals and the Ministers of Hate

Let’s be clear, most evangelicals are just good Bible-believing people who try to live their lives holy and acceptable before God. When they object to things like abortion and gay marriage, it’s because they firmly believe in their hearts that these things are wrong. Also, they’re not likely to change the way they feel about these issues because they’re belief system will not allow that to happen.

Most Evangelicals are also loving and caring people and give wholeheartedly to the needy. From my own personal experience, friends I’ve had over the years that are Evangelical have been the kind of people who have been there for me when I was down on my luck and I had nowhere else to turn.

What also is clear I’m sorry to say, is the fact that many of their leaders, pastors, preachers, evangelist and those who speak for evangelicals are anything but true followers of Christ. I of course am not saying they’re all the same – some are true ministers of the Gospel and their ministries are about saving the lost and serving the purpose of Christ on Earth by feeding the poor, encouraging those who’re discouraged and reaching out to those who need God. It was an evangelical minister who opened my eyes unto the goodness and mercy of the Lord and who in my heart will always be God’s true and faithful servant in whom He’s well pleased; God Bless You Ron!

But there are many who are not about the love of Christ but about political agendas and pushing policies that reward the wealthy and rob from the needy. They’re self-serving individuals who mostly have deceived themselves into believing that God is behind them, even as they preach a message of hate and decisiveness. Yet their God is not the God of Love but of the very god of hate that fills their fleshly hearts.

There are so many differences between these ministers and the Christ they claim to represent. They have used their ministries to push a political agenda that encourages wealth over compassion and condemnation over forgiveness. They have no compassion for the poor and needy and they have no concern for the souls of the lost. They show how they really feel by their very actions.

Their mission seems to be more about changing politics to serve those with wealth and power than it is about ministering to those in need, which is the true calling of Christ. They deceive themselves when they think in their minds that God needs them to change laws in government instead of changing hearts. That has never been the ministry of Christ.

By using birth control and gay rights issues as vehicles to persuade many of their   followers to support certain political party and their platforms, they end up hurting those who are the weakest voices in this nation – those of the poor, the sick and the voiceless of society which they’re ministries should serve.

When children do without food and health care because these so-called ministers of God lead their flocks to vote for lawmakers who spend their terms in office trying to end social programs and fighting for tax cuts for the wealthy – this doesn’t please God as they would disillusion themselves to believe. Instead it puts them into the same place as the Scribes and Pharisees that taunted Jesus when he walked this Earth during his ministry. They also are the very exact thing he called those who would question his compassion when he healed the sick on the Sabbath and went about carrying out the work of the God who sent him; hypocrites and vipers.

President Barack Obama may not be the idea president to many Evangelicals and his support for gay rights (even if he is still evolving on gay marriage) and abortion would surely put him at odds with those of that group. Still, almost all Democratic presidents over the last century have been pro-abortion and some of them have been pro-gay rights but none of those presidents have faced the kind of vitriol and hatred from the religious right as Obama has.

When you ask a religious conservative why they dislike Obama so much, they most generally will cite his signature health care law passed in the first two years of his presidency. You would think that this law was some kind of evil plan by Obama to take over the country. A Democratic president passing a health care bill to provide affordable health care for tens of millions of people is anything but evil, though you agree with the idea or not.

So instead, Obama was treated as though he was an enemy that must be brought down at all cost. These certain ministers have led their followers to treat this president with disdain for trying to do what should have been done long ago; provide affordable health care to everyone.

Then there’s their treatment of gay people, which by the way was happening long before Obama. Certainly, the idea of someone being gay is repugnant to many Evangelicals but the truth is; there are thousands and thousands of closeted gays within the very ranks of Evangelicals. That may seem like something hard to prove but from my experience, being that I’m from the very ranks of Evangelicals, there are many gays among them. There are even preachers and evangelist, some who preach against homosexuality while in the mean time, they go out and pick up male prostitutes for their own pleasure. I’ve known a few who did. I do know – and this is from my very personal experience -  that if someone who is gay within the Evangelical ranks is discovered – they will be turned away quickly and without forgiveness by many.

Gay people are mostly just lost souls as any other sinner and they need to be ministered to the same as other sinners. Yet some ministers would have their followers believe that gay people are part of some great conspiracy to take over the country and turn everyone gay. Speaking for the millions of gays out there, we wouldn’t wish our sexuality on anyone; it’s a lonely life for many of us, at least for us older gays.  Now I’m sure I’ll have some young gay detractors by saying that, and I would hope so; meaning I would hope that young gays are finding happiness in their lives, even being gay, as that really means a great deal to us older folk who remember a different time.

Many gay teens face being ostracized by their families and classmates at school, which has led to suicide for some. It’s an awful thing to believe that God allowed you to be born with such desires, only to hate you and cast you into Hell at the end of your life. Instead they need to be loved – not treated as though they’re part of a large conspiracy to infect the world around them. Believe me, many grow up throughout their teen years believing they’re all alone in the world, as I did, to then find out from some preacher who calls himself a Christian, they’re really just part of a big agenda to change everyone else into what they are. This is the biggest lie about gay people I know of coming from Evangelical ministers.

Fortunately, many Evangelicals are coming to realize that God didn’t put them on this Earth just to deny gay people of their rights or even just to save unborn children, but they’re at least also here to show the love of God to all sinners, no matter who they are. I believe there is a tide turning with many Evangelicals and their focus is returning to where it needs to be; saving a lost and dying world.

As far as the ministers of hate; they’ll keep teaching their false doctrines and leading their flocks down the wrong path of destruction because if God’s love doesn’t abide in them, then they also don’t abide in God. In the end, all will come to light and then we’ll all know the plan and purpose of God for all our lives, including ministers and gay people.