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Eugene Robinson - good column on Saturday's March

which is titled , and is well worth the brief time to read.

Robinson begins with this paragraph:

It matters that the crowd for the Women’s March on Washington was far bigger than that for President Trump’s inauguration. The new president often boasts of having started a great movement. Let it be the one that was born with Saturday’s massive protests.

He then cites Metro statistics, showing almost twice as many trips Saturday as for the inauguration.   Here is is worth noting that while Robinson does say Saturday’s total was the 2nd highest in Metro’s history, topped only by Obama’s inauguration, he could also have mentioned that Friday’s total was less than on an ordinary weekday.

Robinson then reminds us of how many demonstrations there were around the country, and the world, cites Reince Preibus complaining to Chris Wallace that coverage of the demonstrations was an attempt by the media to delegitimize Trump as President, to which Robinson responds:

If Trump believes journalists can be so easily cowed, he’s in for a long four years.