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An Eric Trump encore. And a reminder about Don Jr.

     I’ll be the first to admit that I was not particularly brimming over with Christian charity in my treatment of Eric Trump in my diary earlier this morning, but OMG, did I feel like a million bucks afterward! And judging by a lot of the comments, there are quite a few Kossacks with a little more spring in their steps this morning as a result of participating, just the way I like it.

     It looks like I should have used a slightly different criteria in my search last night, as it turns out that Eric loves my stuff so much that he actually gave me an encore verbal fart that I completely missed. But the rank smell finally caught up with me, and it’s so nice that there isn’t a one diary a day limit around here. Time to give Eric a twofer, and drag his brother in to share in the fun and frolic.

     First, a short trip down memory lane. After being elected, in order to circumvent all of those pesky emolument clause restrictions set up by us shit kicking “little people” who are so jealous of their betters, the Junior Donny and Widdle Ewic would run the whole shebang, he would be locked out. He even theatrically signed a lot of papers, which were probably really under-the-table settlements for sexual harassment claims, since they were not allowed to be examined, and the deal was sealed.

     Eric was all in on this. According to an ARTICLE in ThinkProgress, Eric was earnest in his declarations of how seriously he took his new responsibilities;

In February, Eric Trump characterized the firewall between his father’s business and presidency as “kind of a clear separation of church and state that we maintain, and I am deadly serious about that exercise.”

“I do not talk about the government with him, and he does not talk about the business with us,” Eric, who manages the Trump Organization with his brother Donald Jr., told Forbes. “That’s kind of a steadfast pact we made, and it’s something that we honor.”

     There’s just a couple of small problems with this fulsome assertion of filial independence. It’s pure bullshit. Think Progress points out that later in the same goddamn interview with Forbes, Eric admitted that he planned to go over the company financials and give his father a quarterly update on how things were going! Now we know where Eric got his logic and attention span retention, from his idiot father! But yesterday, he really popped the cork off of the champagne bottle;

Then, on Monday, Eric gave a full-throated endorsement of his father’s foreign policy during a Fox & Friends interview from the White House.

“The safety of this country comes first, and quite frankly the safety of our allies come first,” Eric said. “So, you pray for peace, but he will show real leadership, and that’s something that hasn’t occurred in the past and it will start occurring. And you saw that quite frankly in Syria, and you saw that in Afghanistan, and he will take action if he needs to take action.”

     Pardonez Moi. Perhaps I’m just a dumbass Mick, but if Eric is so adamantly apolitical in regards to his father and his job performance, what the fuck was he doing giving an interview on Syria to Fox and Twerps from the grounds of the white House? Did he just happen to be there because it was the scheduled quarterly “Get the marching orders from the old man” briefing on the business? This clan of morons is worse at lying than a 2nd grader crying that he didn't shoot the spitball at the teacher while he still has the stupid straw hanging from his mouth!
     Ah, but what about Donnie-poo the 2nd? Remember this. Trump only hires the biggest brains, and Donnie redux is older, he has much more business experience outside of the Trump boiler room operation* than Eric. And herein lies a little history lesson in why Trump may not even survive his first term if this is the kind of high candlepower talent he's leaving in charge of a multi billion dollar operation.
     I wrote a diary about this when it was current, but it was kind of an offbeat story that only got much attention because it was just offbeat enough that Rachel Maddow covered it a couple of times. Several years ago, Trump Minor started and spearheaded a company and development plan for a small industrial park in South Carolina. Even at this early stage, it was obvious that the Little Man had Daddy’s golden touch. To quote from a NY Times ARTICLE written at the time it was ongoing;

At issue is a six-acre factory site in North Charleston, S.C., that was once owned by Titan Atlas Manufacturing, an industrial venture that Donald Trump Jr. helped to start and that ceased operating in 2012.

In 2014, his father, now the president-elect, formed a new Trump Organization affiliate called D B Pace, which took over a $3.65 million bank loan made to Titan Atlas with the property as security.

     So,baby Trump can't even manage a lousy 6 acre industrial park, and Daddy has to ride in to save the day and keep his useless brat from getting a black mark on his fledgling business record. The situation got so bad, that in a separate lawsuit filed in April of last year by a still remaining tenant, Both Donnie and his old man had neglected the property so badly that rain was pouring in through the roof and damaging the materials stored in the shop below, despite his constant complaints to both organizations. An inspection also showed that one of the units was storing possibly toxic waste, in metal drums, that had rusted and was now spilling contents.

This year, D B Pace applied under a state program to undertake a voluntary cleanup of the property. If approved, the company would also gain protection against liabilities related to any pollution there, such as chemical contamination of local groundwater, caused by Titan Atlas and other past owners.

There is, however, a catch: To qualify for the protections, the buyer of a contaminated property must not be affiliated with a former owner, or have had involvement with the site.

     The law is there to entice a new owner to undertake the cleanup by relieving them of liability for possible toxic contamination involved with the cleanup. To protect its interest, the state kicks in on the cleanup, which in some cases can cost millions of dollars to the state. The catch was there to stop an unscrupulous owner, like Trump, from simply creating a new corporation to take over the old one, use the program and forego liability for a mess of their own making.

     Not only was Trump directly “affiliated” with the prior owner, who just happened to be his oldest son, but it turns out that both Donny Jr. and Trump affiliated DB Pace executive and lawyer personally managed the facility for the two years before Pace applied for the program.

     This created a huge problem for the state of South Carolina. On the one hand, they had a company DB Pace that was applying for a state benefit that they clearly didn’t qualify for, and could cost the state millions. But on the other hand, how aggressive and heavy handed did South carolina regulators want to be with a newly elected President that could take some very negative actions against them in return for being rebuffed? Typical Trump pressure tactics. Fortunately the regulators finally decided to tell Trump to go and pound sand. Trump now owns a derelict property in South Carolina that it will cost him millions to clean out and fix up, and that it will be almost impossible for him to sell without doing it. Some “Art of the Deal”, huh?

     I only bring this up, because it highlights the strange and possibly unsettling situation the Orange Julius finds himself in. Trump has no real option except to keep tight control of his company, these two goofuses couldn’t manage their way out of a closet with the lights on and the door open. On the other hand, the longer he tries to get away with this political 3-card-monte game, the more pressure is going to build for Congress to enforce the emoluments clause, and in the only act of transparency so far in the young Trump Presidency, they’ve been pretty damn transparent about Trump’s continuing meddling in his business interests while being President. Future developments should be interesting.

*Historical footnote

For those of you not familiar with the term, a “boiler room operation” is a business set up as a financial services broker, but it’s actually a scam, kind of like a Ponzi scheme. The entire operation takes place in one office, mostly guys on phones, making their sales pitch to suckers and taking off with the money. When the heat gets too close, the moving truck shows up at 11 one night, and the pace is empty when the SEC and the cops show up the next day.


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