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Elizabeth Warren EVISCERATES Trump’s Foolish Syria Strike In Perfectly SCATHING Facebook Post

Elizabeth Warren has always been able to get under Donald Trump’s skin. She expertly trolled him on Twitter during the 2016 campaign, and has repeatedly spoken out against him since he won the White House. Now, she is back to condemn his foolish missile strike on the Syrian regime.

Senator Warren rightly points out that Trump’s original position had been to stay out of Syria, and now he has done a complete 180 on that position in a matter of days. Further, she points out how unstable Trump is, calling his behavior “erratic.” Warren is right to point this out, as one of the most troubling and frightening things about a Trump presidency has always been the man himself. Not only is he massively ignorant of world affairs and wildly offensive to people around the nation and world, but his temperament is downright terrifying. He seems to grow more and more unstable each day, and now he is a wild, uncontrollable force with the power to take military action and even destroy the world. We should all be frightened and be speaking out.

One of the most troubling things about this missile strike is that the Constitution demands that Congress approve a declaration on acts of war. Trump did this on his own, making the strike potentially an egregious violation of the law.

Without further ado, here is Senator Warren’s full post:

Congress needs to check into the legality of this strike, and draft legislation to make sure that Trump cannot do anything else like this without the approval of Congress – especially launching nuclear weapons. This is especially urgent now since it seems that one of the options being floated to deal with North Korea’s escalating nuclear program is to potentially .

This is a man who has no clue what he is doing, and who has no business with the nuclear codes. For the sake of the nation and world, hopefully the GOP-controlled Congress comes to its senses and checks Trump.

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