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Economist Proves Conservative Ideology Hurts The Economy With One Perfect Graph

Many people who have a basic understanding of economics wonder just why it is that Republicans keep lying to the public about their economic policies being the only policies that will create jobs. Why is that a lie? Because their trickle-down policies of tax cuts and letting the minimum wage languish have had more than 30 years to work and they haven’t worked, and anyone with eyes can see that at this point.

Also, anyone who can read a simple line graph can see that. Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman showing employment gains in both Kansas and California between 2011 and now, and the difference is absolutely astonishing. Take a look:


The vertical axis is total employment, which is why it starts at 100. The bottom axis, obviously, is years. Now, California has Silicon Valley so it might be easy to assume that they have a built-in, unfair advantage over Kansas. That idea doesn’t take into account the conservative mindset that things like higher taxes drive companies out of state. Washington State’s tech sector is booming, too – all of Silicon Valley could just move there, or to Texas, or anywhere else with a highly-educated population.

Heck, they could have given Kansas a chance if tax rates were primarily how companies decide what states they should land in.

But Brownback’s policies , despite his and the GOP legislature’s assertions that tax cuts would cause Kansas to become the new Texas. Instead of having businesses flock to Kansas, along with explosive small-business growth, their economic growth has lagged behind most of the rest of the country.

California, on the other hand, had rate in 2015, and 2 percent in 2016. That outpaced even Texas. While their jobless rate has been high, Brown’s economic policies are right on target because that kind of job growth means the jobless rate falls.

So whose policies are better? The graph shows it all – trickle down does not work, and those policies are why Kansas is in the tank and California is not.

Featured image by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers for Getty Images