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The Economist "Caliphate Strikes Back" article with coalition corrections

The Economist tries to get it right. The center of Ramadi is under ISIS control.

That's "ISIS" as an acronym for Islamic State Is Shxt.

What matters most is that Sunnis in Syria and in Iraq are now terrified of these people. As you can imagine, that gets no attention. MSM... nothing.

Palmyra had been surrounded by Nusrah and ISIS forces for a couple/three years but today its a news item. Before they'd come in and shop. The file pics of antiquities there -- now in the hands of barbarians -- make a compelling story. The Economist does try to tell the story broadly, but they are limited by their sources: the United States Department of Defense and the front org, Institute for the Study of War.

Here is the map The Economist copied over from DoD/ISW:

ISIS and their partners Nusrah Front (al Qaeda) and Free Syrian Army (Muslim Brotherhood) look to be in control of half of Syria and maybe a third of Iraq. Big bad Caliphate. It is all good for Perpetual War.

It's also bxllshxt. The big changes go all the other way.

Mosul is pretty much surrounded.

What you see with coalition and ISF sources is somewhat different. The big story is that Mosul is now surrounded pending completion of the Sinjar-to-Tikrit/Baiji linkage.

The big area east and north of Baghdad was cleared out in 2014.

ISIS raiders/psychopaths have now killed easily ten times as many Sunnis as Yazidi/Shi'ia/Christians combined. You would have a hard time finding one Sunni tribal leader who backs ISIS in public.

Not so good for Perpetual War. Surround-and-annihilate does just what it says. (Makes for good graffiti.)

Text from the article reflects similar disparities. Below the fold for examples. You can see the Ad Biz mentality at work.