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A dream day..what is yours? Trump like? I say not mine.


We have quite a bit of depression all over DK and other blogs due to overstressing  and I thought it would be nice to ask what a Dream day for you would be like?

See, I have been thinking of Donald Trump and his many mansions on the hilltop, in the desert, on the beach, in the city, out of the country and his many golden threads and silver needles.  I was thinking of him having the best schools, the best of the best which includes doctors, hospitals and nurses at his very reach.

Check out this article and see Trump life...it seems so alien.

The people who support Trump are as clueless about his lifestyle as he is their’s.

He cannot even begin to identify with money worries.   He cannot even begin to identify with hand to mouth living.   He is used to golden statues, murials, fine wine, jets and Helicopters equipped  with 24 K plated seatbelts, limos, Butlers, maids, 58 bedrooms and finger snap responses.   He is in essence a king.  He did not earn that entirely and is accountable to no one for his actions.   He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and this is not how America lives...well not the majority.  How can the Average Joe or Jill even begin to relate to such a contrast in lifestyle with a man who has no idea what a minimum wage is?   He has no clue what a stressor it is to find childcare while he has Nannys’ and caregivers for his children, grandchildren and anyone who needs observation.  When he talks about veterans, he only knows what he has read in Military.com. and then used the problems written in a magazine as a stump speech.  He has never lived with or identified with war trauma.  He deferred 5 times when this country was in Vietnam.

He probably does not even know how to bathe himself without bathwater drawn and clothes laid out in perfect matching order.  Am I jealous?  No.  He has always said, “ You’re Fired”.   He has never been on the other end of that action.

It was not my lot in life to be a wealthy person with commanding attention.   I know I would not be so Bubble like in that existence though.  Trump has Daddy and Mommie issues.  He was shipped off to Boarding schools and appears to never had the love of bonding except with the almighty dollar.  He is every bit as angry as the ghetto kid who never got a break and dead broke.  He is every bit as angry because he was never allowed to be a human being, or chose not to be a human being.   His skin is thinner than ours.  He seeks adoration and approval from everyone and every thing.  He lacks confidence in himself as a person.  He may have confidence in himself as a businessman but lacks the confidence of being in a world of human beings.    He is one pitiful person and equally as pitiful would be the millions who think if he is president, they too could achieve some sort of financial success equal to or close to Donald Trump.  They think the Muslim, the black man, or some other minority took their chance of fortune and fame away.  They believe they were cheated out of opportunity.  They are angry.  They are terribly misguided.

Money is not bad.  The love of money is a curse and in my belief a sin.  Trump is alien to people like most of you and me.  He is also alien to his supporters, they just do not get the whole picture of how alien he is.

I would be perfectly content to have a day without a worry about unexpected expenses...or a day with not constantly checking a bank account, or switching this thing to pay for another thing to pay.   A really good day would be waking up with no stress in my head about my kids and grandkids’ future.   A good day is knowing I could take a vacation anywhere I wanted without worrying how much would I lose if I went on a small special trip.   A good day would be a day without too much pain or trying to caregive to someone in pain.   A good day would just have one day to do what I wanted which probably would seem very alien to the likes of Donald Trump..  Things like buying a special gift for special friends.   A day where I could call up power people and demand equality.   A day where I could close my eyes and see nothing but the waves of the ocean in front of me or the clouds in the sky without something lurking back there in my head saying, “ Did you write this down or did you take care of that before you decided to relax”?   A day of laughter and smiles without dread of some unexpected event to crash a budget or health?

A  good day would be knowing that one or two or three lost paydays would not affect me or my family.   We are talking maybe a savings account of 10,000….not 10 million.   Could a man who has never had his lights turned off, his car repossessed, his home foreclosed, or his choice between meds and paying the water bill was a question he had to contemplate before eating his dry cereal ever identify with that type of person?  No.  These are some or most of his supporters.  Most of us with right priorities and good will towards others,  would settle for a good day.. just one where we did not have to worry about the next day, the next week or the next month.   All in All, I would not trade places with Trump.  He seems so very miserable.     We know what can satisfy some of our needs… He on the other hand in his ivory tower needs the misery of others to continue to hate, buy hate, and love hate.  That is indeed alien to me.   I guess he has proven that money cannot buy happiness, but only choose one’s misery.  It cannot buy class either.


 Really and truly, is he any different towards money than Saddam Hussein in his golden palaces?