Downshifting in Russian - fad or the real need of the soul? 

Downshifting in Russian - fad or the real need of the soul?

A few years ago in the pages of the business press, a new word "Downshifting". What does it mean?

The word "Downshifting" is derived from the English down shifting - «come down." Daunshifterami call people who deliberately refuse to post solid and high wages in favor of home parties, work, hobbies, Saturday and summer beds or emigration in Goa - to each his own.

Such people are called escapists, from the English escape - «flight." For the first time the term "Downshifting" appeared in 1994 in an article in New York Trends Research Institute in Gerald Celente. It became common in Britain, Australia and the U.S. (as evidenced by Wikipedia).

For a while this phenomenon was characteristic only of Western business. The race for survival among the "white collar", the desire to make a career and to worship the dollar that dominated the "yuppie" 80-90s, was replaced by exactly the opposite attitude. The phenomenon originated in the West, in the "tired of capitalism", it seems, was not to impress the young and perky fresh baked capitalisms of the former socialist bloc. But over time, Downshifting and moved to the expanses of the former CIS. Strange? I would like to consider the phenomenon in more detail.

Downshifting West was born, but rather as a protest generation. Grandchildren of hippies, yuppies kids - that's the basis of Western Downshifting. The generation that grew in the "fat years" is less interested in career and financial affairs. It's boring and hard. Again, the particular career in the major offshore incorporation Western companies is absolutely contrary to express themselves. Standard office dress code required to follow instructions and failure to take the initiative negate the identity of the employee, reduced to the bare functionality.

The peculiarity of rossiykogo Downshifting is that, on the one hand, the unprepared soil mentality fallen fruits Western business organizations. This resulted in the rapid growth of the "corporations", carefully copying the Western style of management. Unfortunately, we often act according to the saying "where the peasants there, and a monkey." As a result, when the external similarity of form and content of corporate culture often become distorted to the contrary.

To learn how to look up in a culture media, showed very well in Minaev «Duhless». There are also in the final end Downshifting. Only in the Russian style. In the style of Russian riots - "senseless and merciless." Our people are more and more often go to the "nature", in church or sect, in booze or drugs. It happens that the life and walk away.

Russia, like other CIS countries, there are two generations daunshifterov. First - this is us. Forty-forty-five, those who built capitalism, who had to bear and rear children in a situation first, "State of you take care of" and then "dug themselves." This generation of builders of capitalism has survived demolition attitudes and ideologies of the collectivist "world, one for all and all for one" to the individualist, "every man for himself."

But external plant and deep offshore company registration, subconscious - two big differences. Ran for the bright toys of the Western lifestyle, we have tried to erase those soaked in mother's milk installations, which, in fact, our mentality and are. Ahn did not.

More and more people I know are increasingly complaining that life has become a pipeline for the extraction and waste of money. Absolutely meaningless and devouring life. And it is not so much by many left. Eaten stress, hard work, more resembling in the early 90's to battle for survival, organisms, humans do not stand up. Heart attacks, strokes, alcoholism, mowed the ranks foremost kaptruda. And less than pleased with the next purchase. Ate. It's time to think about the soul. Yes, and from large corporations, our generation, which gives priority to freedom and this freedom has made, naturally rejected. Because of the scope just does not fit. Yes, honestly, and to fit themselves does not pull.

Young people who grew up in a more or less sytom society zamorochki others. The first - the reluctance to work in principle. Or unwillingness to work under the terms of the employer. Parasitic way of life is reinforced by constant suggestions of entertainment from a "project", in which the need for work or career, not expressed. Already mentioned the management style of "big business" oriented toward the West, requires the Protestant work ethic of their employees. And the ethics of our young people was formed (by our efforts, do not argue) is quite eclectic, completely amorphous. In general, expressed in the phrase "but we do not care."