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Doesn’t Matter; Romney nor Gingrich Can Beat Obama

Though the entertainment value is very high, watching the back and forth between former Massachusetts Mitt Romney and former U.S. House of Representative Newt Gingrich, is only entertainment. Whichever wins the nomination, they cannot take the presidency away from President Barack Obama.

There are several reasons why but the main reason is very clear – neither have the outstanding character that Obama has. Sure, because the economy is improving and because President Obama has had some very well-noted foreign policy successes, including the killing of Osama bin Laden and a most recent successful rescue of two aid workers in Somalia by the same Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden, also adds to the fact that neither Romney or Gingrich has what it takes to beat this very successful president, but it’s his character over theirs that will make the biggest difference in at the ballot box.

What America wants is a president who has unquestionable character when it comes to his personal life and his political life. They also want a president who is in touch with the average American’s life as far as their struggles and their needs and desires. Barack Obama has shown impeccable character and he has also shown he’s down-to-earth and understands the struggles of the average American. Romney and Gingrich on the other hand have shown that they’re far removed from average people.

Mitt Romney has shown a complete disconnect with average Americans almost every time he opens his mouth and especially when he’s trying so hard to show just the opposite. His statement about his worries at one point in his career with Bain Capital, that he feared getting a pink slip is one of them. Does he honestly believe that his getting canned really equals the same as it is for someone who completely depends on their salary? Without that job he would still be a millionaire as he inherited a fortune from his late father. Average citizens on the other hand would be concerned if they could feed their families, keep up the mortgage payments on their house so that they didn’t get foreclosed on by a bank, and if they’ll be able to afford to send their kids to college. These are things that Mitt Romney has no idea about in the least, and for him to try to compare his own worries, makes him look that much more out of touch.

Then there’s Newt Gingrich who made statements concerning poor kids, suggesting that poor kids should be given some work ethic by being janitors at their schools – he might as well suggested that poor kids could clean up after rich kids who were more privileged. His comment about Obama being a “Food Stamp” president may get him applause from the likes of base Republicans who doesn’t like our current president for whatever reason, but it won’t fly with independents who see his remarks as being far removed from the reality of the situation, with the Great Recession leaving so many Americans out of work and many average people having to depend on food stamps for the first time in their lives just so that they can feed their families.

The poll numbers already show Newt Gingrich losing out big time to the president and Obama is slowly gaining ground on Mitt Romney, as surely as he continues to put down the president’s economic policies, even as the country’s economy improves under Obama’s watch. It would take someone who isn’t paying attention at all to the growth in this country to believe Romney’s untruths, (and I’m being kind in that assessment).  Let’s not forget that Romney believed that the president should have let the auto industry go bankrupt and fortunately Obama didn’t take his advice because the bailouts that the president gave to the Big Three has proven to be a complete success with GM now being back on top of the industry.

I do believe that whoever eventually wins the Republican nomination and stands against Obama in general election debates, will be faced with the real facts and not the consistent rhetoric they’ve been putting out during the Republican nomination debates. It will be then that they’ll realize that they don’t stand a chance against a very successful president.

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