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District Judge Tells Trump To Go F*ck Himself, Refuses To Throw Out Arpaio Conviction

Donald Trump’s pardon of racist Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is not the final word in the case against him, and a judge is making sure of that.

The evidence against Arpaio was clear and federal District Judge Susan Bolton used his own words against him when she convicted him of criminal contempt in July for refusing to obey a judge’s order that he stop enforcing immigration, which is not the job of a county sheriff.

Only the federal government has the power to enforce immigration violations, so Arpaio was acting out of his jurisdiction.

Arpaio was set to be sentenced in October, but fellow birther Donald Trump pardoned him before justice could be served.

The pardon has been criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike and demonstrates Trump’s disrespect for the law and our courts. This pardon is an abuse of power. It’s not like Arpaio was wrongly convicted or given a punishment that does not fit the crime. He willfully ignored the order of a judge and Trump’s pardon sends a message that other conservative extremists can feel free to do the same.

But Bolton has not vacated Arpaio’s conviction.

In a direct ‘f*ck you’ to Trump, Judge Bolton wants the Arpaio and the Justice Department to file additional briefs in the case.

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Bolton on Tuesday stopped short of throwing out the conviction based solely on Arpaio’s request. Instead she ordered Arpaio and the U.S. Department of Justice, which is prosecuting the case, to file briefs on why she should or shouldn’t grant Arpaio’s request.

Arpaio’s attorneys asked Bolton on Monday to vacate Arpaio’s conviction in light of President Donald Trump’s Friday pardon.

Bolton has scheduled oral arguments on the matter for Oct. 4, the day before Arpaio was supposed to be sentenced.

Let’s just make something clear — Arpaio may have been pardoned for ignoring a judge’s order, but he’s still a racist piece of shit who could still be convicted of racial profiling and discrimination. When that happens, he should have to spend the remainder of his life in prison, and Trump should be put in the cell right next to him when he gets impeached for committing treason against the United States.

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