Disjointed Sessions | THE POLITICUS

Disjointed Sessions

Trump hoped to dominate the week's media

with an address to the joint session of Congress

but instead the revelations of Sessions' perjury

has unsettled any efforts at a Trump reset.

The unqualified man with a racist history

lied under oath about Trump's Russia ties

proving right the voices of both parties

demanding an immediate independent investigation.

And as Republicans return from a recess

in which constituents confronted them on the ACA,

they'll have trouble supporting Trump's repeal

if none of them can agree on how to replace.

Whatever bump Trump got from his joint session

has been bumped by a disjointed houses of Congress

and thumped by the only Sessions now in the news.

After a speech of falsehoods and revelations of perjury,

Trump and Sessions have one thing in common:

they both lied before Congress.

And we're not taking those lies lying down.

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