Democratic House strategy for last two weeks. One simple question for their opponent. | THE POLITICUS

Democratic House strategy for last two weeks. One simple question for their opponent.

     Are you a Democrat running for the House of Representatives in 2016? Would you like to win that seat? It’s so simple. You just have to spend the next twelve days asking your GOP opponent one question at every opportunity. And here it is, “Do you back Trump or Ryan, Congressman”?

     The civil war has already started in the Republican Party, and it’s only going to get worse. A recent ARTICLE in Forbes magazine stated that once the lame duck Congress comes back in session, Ryan is facing exactly the same revolt from the Freedom Caucus that John Boehner did, only more difficult. If the Freedom caucus calls for a vote to vacate the Speakers chair, Ryan will still need 218 votes to stay on as Speaker, and that won’t be easy for the Freedom Caucus to pull off, they would need 85-90% support to oust Ryan, and that’s not likely. But it doesn’t take Ryan off of the hot seat. According to the report;

But there may not need to be an actual show of hands. Faced with the possibility of the congressional equivalent of a no confidence vote, Ryan would probably decide to pull a Boehner and immediately resign as speaker, announce that he won’t run again as speaker in the next Congress or announce that he is resigning from Congress at the end of this session.

     If in fact this is what happens, if Ryan folds his tent and gives up the Speakers gavel when challenged, it throws the lame duck session into chaos, threatening such necessary work as passing a Continuing Resolution to continue funding the government. In a recent poll quoted by , when Republicans were asked who better represented the future of the Party, Trump or Ryan, the response was to say the least one sided. Respondents gave the nod to Trump 51-33%. Another good reason for Ryan to cut and run if he gets pressured, he’s on the losing side in this fight.

     So, here is the opportunity for every Democrat running for the House in 2016. Spend every day challenging their opponent to pick a side, Trump or Ryan. And then highlight the answer on every occasion. If they choose Trump, they lose close to 35% of the traditional GOP voters. If they choose Ryan, they piss off 51% of the new guard GOP. Either way they lose! Just keep hammering away at that one question, and when you get an answer, ballyhoo it to the skies to make sure that every GOP voter in the district knows it, either answer is poison for the GOP candidate.

     Thanks as always for reading, you are ALL the wind beneath my wings!